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The man's fertility

The man's fertility

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Operation "Everything Your Baby Is Healthy" should begin a few months before the planned conception.

The man's fertility

The environment

There is a long-standing experience that physical labor and exhausting physical activity during exercise are not conducive to fertility. The "managerial", overtrained lifestyle, and the physical and mental exhaustion that goes with it also reduce the risk of conception. Not just the amount of work, but kцrьlmйnyei are also important in terms of getting pregnant: if parents are working with hazardous chemicals, organic solvents, paints, radiant substances that are harmful to their health, it is better to abandon this activity as soon as possible. A skinny or chemical can't get out of the way: kids, we want a healthy baby if we get together, we'll meet again. The most you can do is comply with your work safety standards as closely as possible.

Less sperm

It is also worthwhile to pay attention to the health of men, because in recent decades in certain countries of the Earth men's ability to work has significantly decreased. This is mainly attributable to environmental pollution, as the phenomenon is mainly confronted in advanced industrialized countries. If there are 20 million sperm per milliliter, 35 of them are mature, 50 of them are good for movement, then we are talking about good fluency. If the values ​​are below this, the chance of fertilization is reduced. Often, sperm counts are not a problem, but the available cells are immature.The male sperm producing tissue is very sensitive. The transducer is disturbed even by a slight increase in temperature. This can be caused by the fact that the testes do not lose their scrotum after birth, but remain in the warmer abdomen or bladder. In adulthood, tight, tight trousers can be helpful in the process of maturing. Multiple tests on the quantity and quality of sperm at different times can only provide meaningful information. Not only national disability but also general weakness and lack of sexual desire comes along with this condition. Hormone deficiency can be screened by a blood test.


There is no need to check whether the "raw material" is healthy. At family planning centers, I usually recommend it ondу infection, but you can ask any urologist or andrology specialist in your country. It is important to know that it is not enough to cure just one of the prospective parents, as you may soon regain the trouble of your life. If women have vaginal inflammation, male prosztatagyulladбsbanwhether you have kidney or bladder inflammation, you will almost certainly endanger your partner. If they are not treated together, they may infect each other again and again (as if playing ping-pong with the cat).


The cause of the testicular development is unknown. It is a relatively rare disease, especially affecting young men. No pain, no fever, no inflammation, only a harder lump in the testes. This is why it is very important to have regular testes of the testicles.If the disease is light, it is necessary to remove the testicles, the breast and testicles on the same side at the same time. For some types of cancer, radiation and chemotherapy are inevitable. In recent decades, the success rate in the treatment of testicles has improved significantly, up to about 100 percent. With the exception of rare cases, only one of the testicles is a disease. Even if the cancerous testis is lost, the rest of the other can completely destroy the function of the lost testis. it does not impotence and does not lose capacitybecause the remaining testis produces sufficient sperm and also maintains the normal capacity of the penis to erect, meaning that the subject remains capable of continuing to have a full sexual life. However, in the case of long chemotherapy, the productive capacity may be reduced.
- Many men do not know that these can impair their productivity
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