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Children's cruelty: often the outcome depends on luck

Children's cruelty: often the outcome depends on luck

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Losing control of a child on the street occasionally happens or can happen, so there is no place to come. What we can do: Persistent teaching of the rules of the road to the child and increased safety.

Strongly Hold Your Hand in the ZebraWe have also announced the news of a domestic car on Saturday in Budapest, District 14, where a young singer, L.L. Junior, a three-year-old boy, David, has suffered so badly. You can also read on page 24 that the baby boy and his mother and brother attended an event that led to the accident on their way home. The little boy from the zebra suddenly lifted his hand from his mother, while the light was red and wanted to run across the road - that was when the first car arrived.

Nearly a thousand pedestrians are thrown into the zebra

Every year, 800 to 900 pedestrians are killed in zebra, according to official police statistics. According to a previous article by, these accidents are fatal in almost ten cases, while in the case of 150-180 cases the injuries of the injured person are severe, but they do not die from the injuries. In these accidents, they are preventable and there is always some human neglect in the background.

It is at the crossroads that most accidents occur

Based on the CSO's 2015 Accident Statistics Statistical Book, it is the largest contributor to the most frequent pedestrian traffic accidents the pedestrian is crossed at a designated pedestrian crossing, according to the 2015 data, this was followed by an unspecified pedestrian crossing, gas crossing without a cross, and a number of accidents at non-crossing designated pedestrian crossings. Due to failure to give priority, the pedestrian crossing at the designated pedestrian crossing caused an accident due to the fault of drivers and in 27 cases the driver failed to comply with the obligation to stop at the designated pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians were also mistaken for accidents, because in 445 cases there was an untimely, sudden attack on the body, in 127 cases there was no sign of crossing, in 114 cases there was a passage in front of a vehicle or a column, in 97 cases there was only , but based on 2015 data, more than twice as many (1490) pedestrianized trips occurred in populated areas during the night than in all (704). Outside of populated areas, 130 gasses occurred during the night and 65 gas days.

Many times it depends only on luck

Many parents hear and read, "in the street, suddenly the child suddenly reached out and ran away." The momentary loss of control can and does happen to many, so no one should stand above the other parent! After all, everyone tries to protect their child from danger, but in the blink of an eye, and often luck, the outcome is what we can do to raise awareness of the child again and again:you have to hold your hand to the end, and you can only go with us through the body and only after we have made sure that we are completely safe. When it comes to riding a small motorbike or a racing bike, the situation is harder because you can't hold your hand. In this case, you can only do so by allowing you to ride in a place where it is safe - you can't roll with a careless gesture in front of your car. First, let's tell him to look for a safe place to cross, and then, if he has it, the next thing to do is, "Stop by, look left, look right, and look left again! "Literally, he must be taught the colors of the lantern, but with the green sign, he must be sure that something is coming. We only have to give priority to it. even if you look at the zebra, keep an eye out for your cars.

If necessary, use baby dolls

Although my childhood is nowhere near as much a shared asset as it was years ago, many people still find the idea of ​​"making a pillow for a child" pretty scary. However, if the parent feels that a child's safety is better than the particular circumstances (child's condition, illness, high weight, reduced mobility of parents, more children, narrow yards, etc.), you should not hesitate. Child safety comes first.Related links: