Few moments on video! - When the baby is born in a shell

Few moments on video! - When the baby is born in a shell

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Out of 80,000, it happens less than once that a baby comes to the world in a shell. Usually, the fetal membrane ruptures before birth and the amniotic fluid drains out.

I would consider lucky babies who are born in envelopes

Birthing in the mantle is so rare that there are doctors who may never encounter this miracle in their practice. And it is inconceivable for an ordinary person to ever see one. A video has been uploaded to to see this spell.Attention! Watching videos is only recommended for stronger nerves!The fetal envelope is a translucent bubble that surrounds the baby from conception. As the baby grows, the fetus envelops with water and the baby's urine. The water in the shell protect your baby from the harms caused by the mother's daily activities. By default, the fetal membrane ruptures during birth, and the amniotic fluid in the envelope drains.Related articles in parenting:
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