She had six months of urinary illness without an epidemic

She had six months of urinary illness without an epidemic

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A New Zealand mother gave birth to 6095 grams of newborns, and is almost completely natural, without epidural anesthesia.

The 33-year-old Nicolina Newcombe during her pregnancy, she suspected she would have a big baby because her belly was as big as a twin baby. son, Tobias however, it surprised everyone, including well-known doctors and nurses, because it weighed more than six kilos. This is almost twice the average birth weight.Nicolina and the "little" Tobias In addition, the mother did not ask for an epidural anesthetic, only a small painkiller. The baby was conceived because of the congestion and was not squeaky because the baby was stuck. "It shocked everyone how huge it was, but I was just interested in being healthy. I wasn't really interested in weight," said Nicolina, who said the size of the baby might be a good explanation for her difficult pregnancy. "I always had something wrong, I kept complaining, but just in my head, would it be so soft? Was it really painful when I was kicking and I was really tired. When I was born, "Neither newborn diapers nor newborn clothes were good for you. She simply jumped in a size," the mom told the NZ Herald, who doesn't know who Tobias was. "Many diabetics in pregnancy have a high birth rate but all tests have become negative."Annika Reid (who has a very close baby) said that she will probably never again go to a baby with a six-pound baby. (via)You may also be interested in:
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