58 years old, I had a baby alone

58 years old, I had a baby alone

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At the age of 58, with a donor egg, a single baby was born to an Austrian woman who says neither age nor conditions can stop a woman who wants to be a mother. Caroline is working.

"I had a life full of adventures and travel, I really enjoyed my younger years, and I always felt like having a baby once the time had flown by," Caroline begins her story on "In my thirties, I was a virgin, but I didn't get pregnant, and by the time I found out I only had medical help, my wife was in trouble. I didn't want to have a kid with a bad relationship, and at the time, I was very scared to be a single motherCaroline goes on to say that she didn't find the right partner for her childhood, or that her couple didn't want to have a flask. She was also scared to be an Austrian. egg donation and artificial fertilization, so in the middle of her mid-twenties she started looking for foreign opportunities. "I was looking for an opportunity not to donate an egg, but for an embryo. In the past, this hadn't even turned my head around, but it was my only chance to be a mother, "she says." Finally, I decided to go to an Indian clinic where they deal with older women. My ex-boyfriend of Bangladeshi origin, so I chose an Indian egg cell donor to make our baby look a bit like us. The sperm donor was American, I was able to choose from six men and the egg cell donor from ten young healthy Indian women. "

Caroline became a mother at 58 years old

Caroline traveled alone to India and was initially a little scared by the simplicity of the Meddera Clinic, her doctor dr. Bakshi was very reassuring. "He explained the whole intervention and the bar was very convincing in a professional way, I felt kind and anxious about it. He said that he does, all women must be given the opportunity to be a mother, even if they are older. If you are healthy, you cannot be denied a doctor just because of your age. He was very confident, confident in the success of the placement, which also reassured me. On the day of the placement, I was nervous and excited and prayed that everything would go well. Finally, three embryos were implanted, and my doctor noted that it was possible that I would have a threesome. aside from stomach ache, your doctor has decided that because of the slowness of fetal growth, she will have a cesarean section at 37 weeks. "A beautiful, healthy little boy was born, whom I named Javed Robert. A friend of mine was with me in the church, during childbirth, and during the first few weeks at home, she helped me a lot, in our housework, in cooking, and next to the baby, "Caroline continues." Javed is a very she's going to talk a lot! "Caroline says she doesn't want to give up on pets or traveling because of her motherhood, but now she has her son with whom she can share her adventures. And she plans to start her own business." I know other older women who have not yet decided on their baby or who are trying to have a donor egg. I love my son just as if he were born with my own egg, and every day I feel sorry for having such a beautiful baby. "- Caroline.Forrбs: worth reading:
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