If childbirth is missed

If childbirth is missed

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40-40-20. It is not about some mysterious card: the number indicates the proportion of women, men and each member of the couple who are responsible for not stopping their pregnancy or conceiving.

In many cases, a thorough examination after medication or lifestyle can greatly help you get pregnant

First and foremost, we must always forget the middle-aged belief that infertility is primarily the responsibility of women. As we have already mentioned in the introduction, they are not "taken part" in the same proportion, so it is only after targeted examinations that the member of the couple - or both - may be the cause of the unfortunate women are recognized as having children as they grow older. The chance of becoming pregnant from age 30 is constantly decreasing; by the end of the thirties, deterioration accelerates and there is only minimal chance of successful fertilization at the age of 45. Having a baby seems like the most natural thing in the world, the body, illnesses, mental troubles, or genetic problems can all be a problem, and can make the life of baby-friendly couples miserable. However, in many cases, a thorough examination, medication or lifestyle can help you get pregnant.

Organ inhibitions

"We can talk about infertility when there is no pregnancy beyond the age of regular sexual intercourse" - gives a precise definition dr. Guides to Jbnos you are pregnant, who adds: couples usually do not wait for a year for examinations, after 5 to 6 months they become pregnant after unsuccessful pregnancy.The question is: the most common of which are the polycystic ovarian syndrome, the PCO. "In this case, ovarian enlargement is full of cysts and, generally speaking, lymphadenopathy is lacking: a condition that can be treated well with the hormone stimulating the heart," says the expert. to prevent pregnancy. Among the more common causes of infertility are Jánnos Gidai's sealed fallopian tube - often in the background pelvic inflammation In fact, she lists congenital haemorrhagic problems, autoimmune diseases, and malformations of the birth canal. At the same time, one of the most common causes of infertility should be highlighted: endometriosis. "In this case, the mucous membrane, that is, for a cause unknown to our endometrium, also settles outside the uterus in the abdominal wall, which is discharged during menstruation as well as in the endometrium of the mammary gland. .

Abnormal chromosome

Kуnya Mбrton the biologist also confirms the fact that women and men are equally responsible for infertility; In addition, men's sperm count has deteriorated greatly over the past few decades: the exact reason for this is not yet known. chemicals, smoking, stress all reduce productivity"adds the expert, who, because of the genetic causes of infertility, says that chromosome aberration can be a problem in the background. The number of chromosomes in all cells of a given species is the same (except for human cells) ) and has two sex chromosomes (XX or XY). "Rarely, cells in the division divide, and these repair mechanisms cannot be repaired. The chromosome test, which is a simple blood test, can detect such abnormalities. Chromosome aberrations do not always cause symptoms, but defective germ cells and, consequently, embryos with an abnormal chromosome number can be found in the fertility line, "says Kounya the specialist says such pairs are called preimplantation genetic testing can provide a solution. The essence of the test is that one or two cells are removed from the 6-8-cell reproductive embryos and subjected to a genetic test. Based on the results, there is a good chance to select embryos that are healthy and only to be reproduced.

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