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The tales continue to impress

The tales continue to impress

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With 40 cities, 22,000 registered volunteers, and 5,100 fairytale readings, this K&H tale doctoral program is the result of just 7 months of history.

From now on, there is another opportunity for those who have not yet taken part in the program, and for those who want to re-enter the sick children. You can apply for fairy tale reading dates from April 1 to June 31 from March 20th. Prospective storytellers can now book their fairy tale dates between April 1st and June 31st. At the moment, enthusiastic volunteers can choose from 38 cities - 9 in Budapest and 29 more in the countryside.
"With the launch of the K&H Tale Doctors Program, we have not counted on such a success. to spend my free time on other things, "says Nagyra Magyary, Managing Director, K&H Communications.

In August 2013, K&H launched the K&H Tale Doctors program for the public. The program website has over 22,000 registered users and has indicated that they would like to read a story. Since September, K&H has been able to deliver 5,100 fairytale readings in 40 hospitals across the country. Currently, 50-60 fairy tales are smuggled every week by reading fairy tales in the walls of the house.
"Reading a fairy tale is a great pleasure! Not only do children enjoy it, it is also good for my soul to do something for me. but they mean a lot to them, "said Emese B., a regular K&H spy doctor.