More sophisticated photos yet of flask fights

More sophisticated photos yet of flask fights

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4 Year, 3 Year, 1616 Filters: A couple of incredible flasks are portrayed in this heartbreaking photo of the newborn being used by the syringes used for implantation.

More sophisticated photographers haven't made flask fights yet (Photo: Packer Family Photography)He went through it all together Patricia йs Kimberly O'Neillto give life to their little girl. The Arizona couple have kept each of the syringes used for artificial insemination over the years, and now they show a wonderful photo of the incredible struggle they have made. The shot Samantha Packer, made by Packer Family Photography and shared on Facebook, has been shared more than 60,000 times.
Patricia and Kimberly met in 2013 and knew a year later they wanted a baby boy. The couple, from Glendale City, have each had one child from their previous relationship, so they didn't even think it could give them any problem. " "- a statement to "We've had a lot of fun." It began with intrauterine insemination (IUI), a less expensive and less invasive intervention, where the sperm are cleansed, concentrated, purposefully well-moving at the time of follicular rupture. However, even after two occasions, this type of procedure proved unsuccessful, Patricia and Kimberly knew that something more serious would be needed. The first time, however, she failed to finish the flask. By the second, however, 5 eggs (3 girls and 2 boys) were fertilized. "We were really excited," Kimberly recalls. "The implantation has stopped and we soon find out that Patricia is pregnant."

There was a disease in them

However, the American lady aborted at 6 weeks. The couple was very desperate, but we knew something like that was happening, so they tried it again. The next time the problem happened again, we had to say goodbye to the baby at 8 weeks. At this point, their doctor decided to undergo a minor examination when it was found that Patricia had a Leiden mutation (a genetic disorder of blood clotting), which produces blood in the placenta. This caused a series of contractions. "We didn't know what was wrong, I didn't get pregnant after the 3rd intervention. However, at the 4th time, we felt that it would be successful now!" "At 8 weeks pregnant, we saw the tiny little arms and the pounding heart on the ultrasound." The couple was terribly happy, but by week 11 the baby's heart had stopped, so they had to mourn again. "We were completely under ourselves. Our heart was broken and we were all confused in the middle," Kimberly said. "We decided to pause. At this point, we almost completely gave up. However, we knew there was a small embryo. If we didn't give it a chance, it would have been destroyed - and we knew we wouldn't be able to." he found a doctor specializing in Leiden mutation and immediately offered a special diet to Patricia, as well as drugs he had never heard of before. "Gathering all our strength and faith, we decided to try it one last time. Of course, we are terrified. If that fails, then that's all we have." They told me a little prayer before they left for Disneyland. The day they came home, they could hear the little heartbreak. "We used to tell London that she was a real Disney baby because her heart started beating," says Kimberly. The pregnancy wasn't easy either. Patricia was sick all the way, and she woke up awake every day after so many failed flasks. "We were dreaded before every ultrasound. Every time the doctor made sure that the baby was healthy and everything was fine." I saw the light of day. "When we saw our little cheeks and heard him sing, we were the happiest couple in the world." Patricia and Kimberly knew that with the syringes they'd lost in the meantime, they wanted to make something very special about the little thing. That's when Parker was called, who took the challenge. He formed a heart from 1,616 syringes, wrapped London into a heartbeat (symbolizing that he was born after a lost child) and placed it in the middle. "The whole photo was very touching, and when Parker stripped the photo, we fell in love immediately. But we didn't think that others would like it, either." Since the picture was posted on Facebook, thousands of people have commented, including many moms on flasks. "We are afraid to give hope to couples in similar situations with our photographer and our story. It is a terrible difficult time…, faith alone and hope are what can help us become active," Kimberly said.(via Dailymail)
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