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Rotavius: He's home in the townhouse, too!

Rotavius: He's home in the townhouse, too!

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2345 reported cases, hundreds of new infections per week, about two-thirds of patients requiring hospitalization are infants and toddlers - this is the domestic balance of rotavirus infections in the first month of 2016.

Rotavius: He's home in the townhouse, too!

Infection with severe events, primarily outbreaks is especially dangerous for the youngest: 61% of the 2,000 patients hospitalized annually for rotavirus infection are under two years of age. Prevention is especially important when another child, due to other underlying illnesses, such as asthma, is in need of regular hospital care, as he / she has diarrheal symptoms, acquired during hospital stay. nosocomial infections are responsible for about three thirds of the rotavirus. Rotavirus is one of the most common pathogens worldwide in infants, toddlers, and adults with diarrhea and vomiting. By the end of preschool, toddlers are almost invulnerable to infectious, geographically, sexually, socially and hygienically ill people. characteristic symptoms of the disease - recurrent vomiting, diarrhea, and in some cases, the smallest are particularly at risk. In our country every year 2000 infected more than 60% of them are infants under 2 years of age. "It is only because of the high resistance of rotavers that often unhealthy siblings, parents, infants, grandparents - infants. immunocompromised for weeks and exposes small patients to further infections "- summarized practice experience dr. Poet Gyцrgy, chairman of the Home Pediatricians Association. He added that, according to statistics, the number of patients with fever, fever, and diarrhea is reduced to one in three severe dischargewhich is especially dangerous for people younger than 24 months. The higher the fever, the higher the frequency of diarrhea and vomiting, the greater the loss of fluids and substances in the body. If these do not start in time, circulatory failure may occur and the patient may die. According to the WHO, in 2008, more than 450,000 children worldwide died due to infection. It is also noteworthy that 2 million (!) Children had to undergo hospitalization for rotavirus infection each year prior to the prevalence of preventive vaccinations. and 87,000 have been hospitalized. The бltalбban kielйgнtх szнnvonalъ medical ellбtбs ellenйre the Eurуpai Uniуban elхfordul mбig halбlozбs rotavнrus kцvetkeztйben.Magyarorszбgon the elmъlt йvhez hasonlуan 2016 elsх also nйgy hуnapjбban szбmottevх was fertхzцttek szбma: бprilis vйgйig you have already reported about 2350 cases are still йs fertхz tцbb week at the people szбz vнrus. According to information from the National Center for Epidemiology, more than 7,000 rotavirus-gastroenteritis infections are registered in the country every two years.

The Venus is everywhere

It is a common misconception that rotavirus is only present in a neglected, dirty environment; we can breathe it. The color can stay alive for days it spreads beyond the human body and spreads very easily from person to person. Asymptomatic patients also infect: Significant amounts of the virus can be transmitted in the smallest number of days before the onset The vнrus zбrt kцzцssйgekben (. Bцlcsхdйk example, уvodбk, csalбd, kуrhбzi osztбlyok) covers almost megбllнthatatlanul gyermekrхl child and gondozуkra, because szьlхkre йs testvйrekre.A rotavнrus szцvхdmйnyei often kiindulуpontjai rбadбsul бpolt kуrhбzban patients ъgynevezett nozokomiбlis - acquired during kуrhбzi tartуzkodбs - rotavнrus -infection, which can be transmitted to hospitalized children due to other illnesses, most often infections of the hospital.For OEK, it is reported that the hospital has a lot of diarrhea. This can further weaken and prolong hospital stay for other children with chronic conditions, such as asthma.

It is exhausting your money, not just your organization

Disease is a major burden on the family budget as well as the state budget.
  • Hospital Treatment: Infected children and their parents typically spend about 6 days in the hospital, which can be a significant burden on the family, as well as mental strain.
  • Home Care: Baby Care Products - Diapers, Wipes, Disinfectants - Can Increase Consumption and Add More Baby Drinks, Cookies, and More
  • During the holidays: A virus infection acquired on a family vacancy may expose the family to extraordinary expenses due to the expense of medical treatment abroad. This is only done by the rotavarian ability of massive resistance often it can cause more members of the family to become ill.
  • It also burdens the state budget. The total cost of a severe rotavirus infection in a patient (through hospital treatment and aftercare) is close to 100,000 forints, of which the cost of hospital care is more than 80%.
  • According to an extrapolation from a survey conducted in domestic hospitals, the cost of cure for rotavirus infections in 2012 was almost half a billion forints, but due to the insignificance of cases, the actual cost of money may be higher.

    The solution is simple and painless

    There is a completely pain-free solution to prevent gastric and catarrh caused by rotavirus infection: it can be given orally without filtering. vйdхoltбs. Vaccines are available as early as 6 weeks of age, with the choice of a two- or three-dose vaccine. The three-dose vaccine is provided by the use of animal and human rotavers. The two-dose vaccine contains an attenuated rotavirus that is a human infectious agent, which has the advantage of being child-friendly and has an almost 100% reduction in the risk of rotavir the desired protection can be formed, even three weeks less than the dose. Vaccines have been analyzed for safety and efficacy in a wide range of clinical trials. Two-dose vaccination with 7 different rotavirus strains shows efficacy against a 3-dose rotavirus strain. The double dose of vaccine is only suitable for use up to 24 weeks of age, but not in older age. Up to 9 unique countries and Norway's national vaccination program also include free vaccination against rotavirus. Worldwide, vaccination programs for rotavirus are included in countries such as the United States, Brazil, South Africa, or Austria. In countries where the and the number of hospital treatment providers. In the United Kingdom, for example, a vaccine program was introduced in the summer of 2013, with 87.5% of the affected age group receiving the vaccine. For immunization, the number of laboratory-confirmed rotavirus infections has fallen by 69% to the average of the previous 10 years for the next "rotavirus season." The vaccination rate reached 84% by 2011, which is why the number of cases requiring hospital care in the country was reduced by 84% in a few years before the number of children under 1 in Belgium. vaccine: In 2008, as many as 90% of people under the age of 1 were involved in vaccination. A survey of 12 hospitals reveals that in the two years following the first vaccinations, the number of people receiving hospital treatment for rotavirus infections has decreased by 65-80%. tйrнtйsmentes vйdekezйs egyelхre only segнtsйgйvel цnkormбnyzati finanszнrozбsъ prevenciуs programs йrhetх el.2016 in pйldбul Jбszberйny Цnkormбnyzata also бtfogу vйdхoltбsi elindнtбsбrуl dцntцtt program: free biztosнtjбk kйtadagos vakcinбt against the rotavнrus telepьlйsen йlх, oltбsi age kerьlх csecsemхknek.Korбbbi, idйn also folytatуdу цnkormбnyzati programs also kцszцnhetхen free rotavirus vaccine is also available in Mour, Szolnok, Gyöngyös and Felcsony.Related articles:
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