Chemical mosquito control can be dead next year

Chemical mosquito control can be dead next year

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From 2020, biological mosquito control can come in, which is more effective and does not kill all insects that get in the way.

Chemical mosquito control can be dead next yearThe chemical chemical mosquito control, which has been proven to be ineffective this season, may be completely eliminated by next year. In addition to the efficiency concerns, the other major problem with chemical mosquito control is that it is dangerous not only to mosquitoes, but to all insects. The major difference between the two is that chemistry eradication tends to reduce the number of mature mosquitoes, while the ground prevents mosquitoes from developing. The latter also has the advantage of preventing the spread of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and of placing much less poisonous substances on the environment. On the other hand, the chemical has a negative effect on all medium-sized insects. In Western Europe, biology is being done almost everywhere - he said Thank you Danny, chairman of the Hungarian Association of Hungarian Cardiffs on 24th.
He added that chemical eradication is harmful to bees as well, so beekeepers will be notified of the exact time of production, so they have time to move or shut bees to chemical eradication. This causes serious trouble every year. In addition, the chemical industry has no potency, which insects fly into the chemical bag, kill, but for example, not much less than 100 percent of the action of the drug under the cat. In addition, the drug only lasts up to 10-15 minutes.Dr. Kemenesi Gbor Virologist, a carpenter at the János János Research Center of the University of Pécs, also believes that it is time to put more emphasis on biological control.
In Western Europe, chemical extermination can only be performed if it has a public health reason, such as a public health threat. To this end, he has covered the entire territory of Hungary with this nerve. In our study, however, the mosquito populations return every day to areas where chemical eradication is carried out. It depends on the season, but it is true that we will have the same amount in a couple of days - he added. 24 has also asked for disaster prevention, which is why the biological control has only spread to a very small extent in Hungary. According to them, the application of the biological method takes precedence wherever this is possible on site and due to weather conditions and the season, but this is not always the case. Due to the extremely rainy May, we have been drooling over our rivers, and after the rain and the drought, millions of ponds have been formed in areas that cannot be approached. As a result, most of the habitats of the mosquitoes are found in private properties. It is not possible to treat every pond, garden shed, lavender with biological remediation.
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