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Influenza: Children Under 5 Are More Threatened Tips for Prevention

Influenza: Children Under 5 Are More Threatened Tips for Prevention

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According to experts, in 2018, we can expect a more severe influenza outbreak than before, and the small risk is greater.

According to experts, the flu season in 2018 is expected to be particularly severe - including due to mild weather - and not only is the spread of infection more likely, but patients are also experiencing more serious symptoms. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States has registered several patients in every state, and unfortunately, deaths have occurred, most recently a one-year-old boy has died due to flu events.Infants are more at risk from influenza In our country, more and more people are ill: the latest BNTSz reports in the second week of january, about 30 percent more than a week ago consulted for a doctor with flu-like symptoms, and in six counties besides Budapest, laboratory tests confirmed that the disease was caused by influenza. 18.6 percent of patients are children under the age of 15.

Children are at greater risk

Although many people think that the flu is a simple, everyday disease that can be cured in a few days, the small, children 5 years of age and older can have extremely serious complications, and may even require hospitalization and, in extreme cases, be fatal to influenza events. THE most common complications common include inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract, bacterial superinfections, e.g. inflammation of the throat, tonsils or pneumonia. Children with chronic illnesses (asthma, diabetes, heart, kidney or liver disease, etc.) may be at greater risk, and may be more frequent, but also more severe.

How can we protect against the flu?

The administration of influenza vaccination is extremely important to those skilled in the art. Although vaccination does not provide complete protection, not only can it significantly reduce the risk of infection, but the course of influenza is milder, the patient is less likely to become infected and less frequent complications. Special protection against influenza is strongly recommended for those who have an infant younger than 6 months, a chronically ill person, or an adult over 65 in their immediate environment. Although it is impossible to predict how long the flu season will last or when it will reach its "peak," according to previous years keep infected for at least 13 to 15 weeks, until April. That is to say, not even those who are now deciding to submit to the defense themselves.You can reduce the chance of infection from the flu flu patients, regular washing, frequent cleaning, and disinfection of frequently used items and utensils. It is important to have a nutrient-, vitamin-rich and varied diet, as well as regular exercise, especially outdoors! More articles in this topic:
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