Child Care Award - GYED 2016

Child Care Award - GYED 2016

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From 2016 onwards, the child will go to childhood until the child reaches the age of two if he / she has 365 days spent in the required insurance year before the birth.

GYED - at home with the child

The Child Care Allowance (GYED) is a monthly benefit, which is payable to the parent who is dependent on the child, up to a maximum of two years (up to three for twins). The day after the baby care fee (CSED) expires (it is worth keeping the date and the required page before the CSED is expired). Includes up to 180 days of accident assistance, CSED, GYED, rehabilitation or care, and at least 1 year of secondary or tertiary education.
The insured parent (eg father, adoptive parent - but not the foster parent, substitute parent NO), as well as the parent whose insurance status is the subject of the childcare allowance are entitled to childcare allowance. An insured mother who has received care for her child, for example, is entitled to GYED. you are expecting a second childcare grant or a third child at the time of your childcare allowance.
If the parent is on unpaid leave and has an insurance relationship, he or she is also entitled to childcare allowance for the second or third child. This will be continued under the previously established provision.

There is no childcare charge if ...

… The parent is earning income before the child is six months old (except for education and does not include copyright royalties or personal income-free royalties)
... szьlх the regular pйnzellбtбsban egyйb rйszesьl (CSED kivйve, maternity leave, gyermekgondozбsi tбmogatбs accident tбppйnz, tбppйnz, бllбskeresйsi jбradйk, vбllalkozуi- munkanйlkьli jбradйk, or if the regular szьlх rйszesьl pйnzellбtбsban, йs from the CSED or GYED valу jogosultsбg elsх napjбn cash health insurance contributions are payable),
… The child enters into a family holiday, attends or takes care of the child at home (unless the child is entitled to work, earns a job, or provides habilitation, rehabilitation)
… If the child is temporarily placed in a parent's household and taken into care, he or she has been transferred to a residential social institution for more than 30 days,
... the parent is in pre-trial detention or is serving a prison sentence,
… GYED is first discovered after the child's first half of the day, then the first admission is from the first day to 60 days if the parent is engaged in earning (except if he or she is a parent, part dies).

What is the amount of the child care prize?

It is very important that the monthly income tax return submitted by the employer determines the benefit, so what the company reports! The amount of GYED is 70% of the average gross daily earnings before the birth, but up to 70% of the current minimum wage twice a month (ie HUF 155,400, HUF 5,180 per day). Tens of percent deduct personal income tax advances as well as retirement benefits.
  • If GYED has an income of over 80 calendar days counted down from the last day of the third day prior to the beginning of the GYED, the parent is entitled to the GYED based on this 180 day income. In the event that the insurance period is not continuous: Income before interruption is not taken into account.

  • If the insured person does not have 180, only 120 calendar days' income counted back from the last day of the third month prior to the start of GYED, but is entitled to at least 180 days of continuous insurance from the first day, based on income.

  • If the daily fund is not available according to the previous two points, the daily fund will be thirty times the legal minimum on the first day of eligibility (currently $ 50).

  • If the required daily income of the required calendar does not reach thirty times the minimum wage, the insured income is taken into account when calculating the amount of the GED. In the absence of actual income, the contractual income must be taken into account, so that the daily fund base may not exceed thirty times the legal minimum on the first day of eligibility!

  • In the event that a claim is made to have a child born within the age of 1 year or more after the termination of childbirth, the child will be entitled to a higher daily child care allowance for the next child. , and always take the new child's right into the care of the new child, taking into account the more favorable calendar day fund.
  • How do I apply for a childcare allowance?

    The parent must complete the "Claim for Child Care Award" GYED. 1. "form (which can be downloaded from this link) and then submitted to the employer.
    The completed claim must also be submitted to the employer even if the claimant is claiming childcare allowance after the termination of the insurance. In this case, the previously issued "Certificate of Insurance and Health Insurance Benefits" (KPE160 / A) (Tb. Booklet) should also be attached (click here to download).
    Anyone who is eligible for Jobseeker's Support can apply for a benefit from the Continuing Employment Center.
    An individual entrepreneur, a dairy farmer. You can apply for a self-employed application using the form "Claiming for sickness benefit, baby care, child care, accidental sickness benefit" (available here). In this case, the application must be submitted to the appropriate government office in your country of residence.
    The application must be accompanied by a copy of the child's birth certificate. If the baby is adopted, the adoption decision must be attached to the adoption, in the case of a baby, a decision to order the child. In the case of a private pension fund member, the private pension fund membership statement must also be attached.
    The childcare allowance can be requested up to 6 months after the date of filing of the claim, so that the benefit can be received at the earliest on the first day of the 6th month preceding the date of application.

    Working at GYED

    After the child reaches the age of 6 months, the parent can continue to work indefinitely, with the help of GYED.
    If the child is too old and the parent wants to work - just like any other job - with the continuation of childbirth, then you do not have to notify your child care provider, This does not cause any change in the flow.

    Diploma GYED 2016

    A woman who has at least two years of active study experience (at least 260 days) in a Hungarian language full-time education, a nationally recognized institution of higher education is also entitled to the childcare fee.
    It is assumed that the child is born within the age of 1 year, has a Hungarian citizen (or other nationality of an EEA country), or has a child in the European Union, after the termination of the student status, or the child. In this case, GYED is from the day of childbirth until 1 year of age.
    A high school parent who is a participant in higher education is also eligible for a Bachelor's degree if they meet the eligibility criteria. For example, if a parent dies or one of the conditions listed above does not meet, has not entered a higher education institution and is not entitled to a child care allowance due to lack of insurance (prior insurance period). In this case, the number of children by father is up to the age of one child.
    An application for a "Custody Claim for a Student Claim" must be submitted to the appropriate government office in your country of residence. (Click here to download the application.)

    How Much is the Graduate GYED Amount?

    Applicants for the Higher Basic / Vocational Qualification and the Higher Education Vocational Qualification will receive a minimum of HUF 7700 at the beginning of the day (2016).
    In the case of students studying for a master's degree, doctoral degree or a single, undivided course, the first day of eligibility is a valid guaranteed minimum of 70 percent (currently HUF 90,300).
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