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Nutrition and nutrition: key players

Nutrition and nutrition: key players

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As of July 1, 2014, the activity of the ward in the practice of conciliation is confirmed, and the midwives are given the opportunity to enter in the ward of specialized care.

By ministerial decree, from 1 July will change significantly home remodeling. One of the most fundamental and important changes is that you can take care of low-risk injuries. Who counts low or high risk is based on professional guidance a specialist in obstetrics decide. THE the role of malefactors It is also important because during the term of the pregnancy, the expectant mother is involved in the nursing / attending, the obligatory examinations and the results. However, the AFP exam is excluded from the requirement for compulsory exams. This has not been an exercise so far.
At the same time, the decree includes the alternative of giving birth to a nurse besides the birth doctor. In primary care, the nurse coordinates maternity care, and in specialty care, the expectant mother may decide to choose to give birth instead of a doctor, if the doctor has considered her risk to be low terhessйgйt.

Nutrition and Nutrition: Key Issues for Women (Photo: Europress)

The infant informs the mother about the examinations and the significance of her healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. In the meantime, you yourself are dealing with the social conditions of your mother, preparing her for the arrival of her baby, provides support for successful breastfeeding. Following the birth of a child, the defender shall certify that the deceased has participated in the deceased's care, which is necessary for the social welfare claim.
"Today's research has proven that the lifestyle of a pregnant mother during pregnancy, nutrition, plays a major role in the health of the unborn child, just as it does the first 1000 days of life. our significance is outstanding in the health of the adult generations as well, "said Ágnes Csordás, chairman of the Hungarian Association of Weavers (MAVE).