International project for children with Down Syndrome

International project for children with Down Syndrome

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By September 2014, the Down Association will join an international project that provides a new educational tool for the development and education of children with Down syndrome.

Down syndrome is one of the most well-known genetic disorders associated with multiple hereditary stereotypes, which also poses an extraordinary challenge for affected families and practitioners. Recognizing this, the KMOP (Family and Child Care Center) in Greece has called the Leonardo da Vinci "PoD - A Parenting Project for Parents and Children with Down Syndrome" an innovative project to develop and develop a professional project. is an educational tool for the development and education of children with Down Syndrome. Through this project, European societies will learn more about the true nature of Down's syndrome, thereby facilitating the social integration of this group. According to international research, the countries of Eastern Europe face greater challenges, and this is why KMOP has set out to adapt the Leonardo da Vinci RePod program to the needs of Hungary and Bulgaria. The project is awarded by a tripartite consortium of Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece. In Hungary, the Down Association has joined the project with the Wonderful Early Development Center (Nizhny Novgorod), which has outstanding technical capabilities to adapt the program tools.

Every sixth child is born with Down syndrome

"In Hungary, and so in Eastern Europe, the main problem is the lack of information flow in the lives of families with young people with Down syndrome. president of the Down Association.
"I feel the benefit of the project is that we can overcome this problem by eliminating this problem by helping parents, thought-provoking material may be on the table for those affected, showing us a positive vision for the future, "added Kisari Kбroly.