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Bence and Hanna are the stars

Bence and Hanna are the stars

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In 2013, Bence was the most popular son, Hanna the most popular girl.

Bence has been the most popular son in Hungary since he was born in 1667 last year. Hanna was the most common name among children in 2013, last year 1818 was the first of last years, and 405 was the second last year after their parents according to the official data of the KEKKH. around the Bence they have been following the names of Mt and Levente. In the top 10, Milan continued to dominate, and Dominic is becoming more common.

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Most of her little girl years have been named Hanna, but Anna and Jasmine are also very popular. Although Boglárka and Rika are lost in popularity, many parents always choose Emma and Zoé. If you can't decide what your baby's name is, try our nickname!