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4 dangers to your teeth during pregnancy

4 dangers to your teeth during pregnancy

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"One child, one tooth," says the old saying that a mother has lost at least one tooth as a child. However, our grandmother's period baby is old, if oral hygiene is good, regular and thorough brushing, then there is nothing to keep.

Care must be taken during oral health during pregnancy

The team at the BabaMama Expo this week invited her dr. Dima Magdolnbt, Heim Pбl Children's Hospital hired a Divisional Dentist to share the potential dangers and, of course, the precautions with the little ones. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Dental Hygienists at Heim Paul Children's Hospital BabaMama Expo throughout your entire life, they are waiting to be introduced to the secrets of good oral care. November 17-18-19-we'll meet a In Budapest Sports ClubContrary to popular belief, increased nutritional requirements during pregnancy and breastfeeding are restored to the body from the diet rather than the teeth and the bones. Dima Magdalene. The expert notes that our growing new life with its mere presence does not expose us to dentures and the real dangers with proper oral hygiene, thorough and correct fogmosбssal kikьszцbцlheted.

Careful with the nasal!

You must have noticed that the baby's eating habits are changing during the pregnancy. The first few weeks are characterized by increased nausea, which causes unpleasant complaints in many people, so many people reduce the stimulus by sucking on candy. Some people are so keen on freshness that they take something much more snacking than they used to. However, the "one for two" concept for older ages has to be forgotten not only because of the extra kilos, but also because increases tooth decay risk. "Frequent eating stimuli are best mitigated with fresh fruits, raw greens, and cheeses. These foods have a positive effect, and are sources of vitamins and nutrients," the expert advises.

Watch out, erysie!

Pregnant mothers are more likely to eat acidic foods within nine months due to hormonal effects, which can lead to stomach acid overflow. Later, the enlarged mare moves the stomach and exerts pressure on it, which allows access to the stomach or mouth. The stomach acid in the oral cavity destroys the internal surface of your teeth, causing erosion and corrosion. Not to mention that during this period, the use of a toothbrush and stimulation of the pharynx can cause nausea and vomiting. In addition to fatigue due to hormonal changes, this is often the cause of mothers' poor oral hygiene.

The name of the enemy is inflammation

As a result, hormonal changes (elevated estrogen and progesterone levels) almost every woman has inflammation during months of pregnancy. Typically, it occurs from the end of the first trimester, but only 10-20 percent of babies cause really serious complaints. In such cases, a the gums swell, catch fire, will become more sensitive than usual, hairpeople will have increased permeability and this may cause severe bleeding. Of course, it is an exaggeration to think that hormones alone can make inflammation - the doctor warns. "Maternity has to account for this potential problem, and to brush their teeth. In order to maintain a healthy weight, consume a lot of vitamin C foods, be sure to eat vitamins and avoid sugars as much as possible. "

Tooth diseases and premature birth

In the oral cavity, due to food debris, a bacterial plaque develops daily, which is deposited in the teeth and along the margins. This is due to the development of tooth diseases, which is due to the formation of smaller plaque. If you would like to learn about healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy, come to the BabaMama Expura on November 17-18-19 at the Budapest Sports Club, where you will find a number of on-site consultations and a live stage program. According to utуbbi nйhбny йv serious tudomбnyos kьlfцldi йs domestic kutatбsai the fogбgybetegsйgйrt felelхs baktйriumok bekerьlnek the vйrkeringйsbe йs the lйvх there gyulladбskeltх mediбtorok reach keresztьl the mйhlepйnyen the fetus, these gyulladбsйrt felelхs kйmiai materials indнthatnak in processes that koraszьlйshez йs small sъlyъ lead csecsemх szьletйsйhez . Therefore, it is very important that you plan to visit your dentist when you are planning a baby or during early pregnancy, who will recognize and treat the underlying inflammation.

Important precautions

As the Doctor repeatedly points out, a proper oral care is the basis for a pregnant mother to keep her teeth healthy during pregnancy. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • the use of soft and dense bristles
  • use of non-alcoholic mouthwash
  • using dental floss or toothbrushes
  • regular dental and dental hygiene visits, check-ups, and professional tooth decontamination
  • Vitamin A nutrition, increased vitamin C intake
  • Pregnancy dental care is extremely important, but it is most effective if personalized. Come to the BabaMama Expour on November 17-18-19 and visit the Heim Pöll Children's Hospital booth where professional dental hygienists hold dental prevention advice. Others teach the family how to brush properly, and they also make small surprises. See you at the Budapest Sports Club for the Year's Greatest Meetings for Toddlers! Related articles on Pregnancy and Dental Care:
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