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This is a suggestion for a flame retardant

This is a suggestion for a flame retardant

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In 2011, a new professional protocol was born on childhood fever suppression, which mainly recommends 39 degrees or above for children's fever suppression.

This is a suggestion for a flame retardant

According to Lajos Attila Réthy, chief physician of the National Institute of Pediatric Health (OGYEI), who participates in the development of this guide, lбzcsillapнtбsrуl Earlier in 1995, a methodological letter was published as a protocol. The New Professional Guide is a Infant and Pediatric Vocational College on the basis of his proposal, issued by the Ministry of National Resources, and recently published in the Health Bulletin.

The hutches are unaffected

The chief physician emphasized that the protocol, in keeping with the practice of many western countries, had taken into account the unwarranted fear of the majority, expressing its firm commitment to the physical cushioning considered to be irresponsible, such as cold baths or cold body wash. As he added, in case of high fever, of course, it is possible to use a bathtub in a water that is 31 degrees warmer, but it is basically for improving the condition.

Take this seriously!

Lajos Attila Réthy pointed out that infants younger than 3 months of age at risk of 38 degrees and above, and infants of 3-6 months of age had a body temperature of 39 degrees and above had to have an immediate medical examination. (Unless the event is known to be a non-threatening event in the background, for example, it is a protective vaccine.) According to her information, fever was not considered by the old protocol as an abnormality, but was considered by the body as a defensive reaction. Today, fewer people are recommending active antipyretic treatment because lбz The defense may even be useful.For the purpose of the new suggestion, the fever does not need to be suppressed at all if the child's health is equally good. They are much more concerned with the mood, color, and breathing of the child than with the hype: frequent children play cheerfully up to 39 degrees Celsius. In such a case, there is no need for flame retardation in addition to fluid reflux.

The parents were also thought of

It is a significant change that even though the old protocol was for the profession only, the new one is more practical because a separate part for parents has been prepared. The new guideline also reflects the proven experience in recent years that lбzgцrcs prevent preventive lбzcsillapнtуval - Emphasized by the specialist.In the course of the preparation, the two parts of the guideline recommended by the pediatric clinic During the adjustment, the internationally accepted recommendations of the profession were taken into consideration and adapted to the domestic conditions. The home lбzcsillapнtбsrуl pйldбul szуlу rйszt protocol issued Egyesьlt Kirбlysбgban inspirбlta, йs you have already spread to the West Eurуpбban szьlхi tбjйkoztatуk mintбjбra kйszьlt.Itt You can read the ajбnlбst the lбzrуl the lбzcsillapнtбsrуl йs the lбzgцrcsrхl.Tovбbbi useful informбciуk here!
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