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Only kids' eats eat green grass every day

Only kids' eats eat green grass every day

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According to a British survey, only every fifth child consumes greenery every day, instead choosing foods such as sausage, sausage and fish sticks.

Only 19 percent of responding parents said their child consumed green every day, and more than half said their baby was "simply unwilling to eat greens". showed that one-third of British graduating elementary schools were overweight or obstructed. Last year, it was also found out that children in England were already 14 years old weight loss surgery - Since 2007, forty children have fallen asleep.
A study by Vouchercloud's parents with parents of children under the age of 1912 has now revealed that the average British child consumes just five different meals a week. These include sausages, baked potatoes and fish sticks. More than 80 percent of the parents surveyed also admitted that their child was over, but 40 percent felt that there was no need to eat green at each meal. Only 61 percent of parents admitted that their child's diet was limited, and only 23 percent said they were trying to expand their child's diet.

Introduce and love the greenery with the kids! (Photo: Europress)

According to a research published last month, green is a currency of aversion is in our genes, not just explained by the fun of the kids. Researchers at University College London have also shown that DNA also largely controls gyьmцlcsцkkel related to our knowledge. At the same time, experts also emphasized that parents also play a big role in children's choice because children chocolate chips, biscuits, and baked potatoes are all about love at home.
According to a new survey by Vouchercloud, the children are especially keen on the wilting, followed by the brussels sprouts and the mushrooms. So children love green vegetables, sweet corn, pepper, tomato and red rape, bar processed tomatoes, and red rape is mainly cooked.