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The kids go to the heartbeat with an electric car

The kids go to the heartbeat with an electric car

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A donor has decided to help out with a heartbeat acquaintance's facebook post. Children at the Cardiology Institute now go to the hospital with a small electric car.

Kids go to heartbeat with electric car (picture:

Foreign examples are about how to try to calm and cheer up small children in a hospital before a surgery. recalls that Rolls-Royce team built a toy car for over 400 hours, which was donated to St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester by an out-of-class child. for kids. As you know, after registering a friend of your heart rate, you decided that you would need such help in Hungary as well. "In many hospitals in America, kids go electric to their homes, ergo they don't have the fear or stress that could put their little souls in motion. you have seen the good thing… - post it on Facebook.The toy car went to the Gottsegen Győrgygyi Cardiology Institute, and the kids started to test the car. The post has been shared by many, thousands, and contributions to the effect that everyone is fond of the donor and the idea.
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