Pen holders, temper, pencil hanging on consumer protection screen

Pen holders, temper, pencil hanging on consumer protection screen

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So far, there has been no such volume study of the school supplies. The protection of children is of the utmost importance, so the consumer protection effectiveness of this product group will be closely monitored.

Avoid using ingestible ingredients

szнnes orszбgos fogyasztуvйdelmi vizsgбlaton ordered the National Fejlesztйsi Minisztйrium (NFM) ceruzбkat posts by these people, zsнrkrйtбkat, temperбkat, йs vнzfestйkeket tolltartуkat ellenхriztek, 59 ellenхrzцtt termйk kцzьl can not pass the kцvetelmйnyeknek - kцzцlte the NFM pйnteken MTI TV.For fogyasztуvйdelmi hatуsбg intйzkedett arrуl that inadequate temper sets, pen cases and colored pencil sets are avoided from the store shelves and products are recalled from the store.According to the report three out of nine fountain pens contained a forbidden fragrance that was detrimental to health; not allowed. Yeah lead content of a green sample from a set of colored pencils only exceeded the safety limits. However, professionals have not encountered any problems with watercolors or stains. Nikoletta Keszthely, the deputy secretary of state for consumer affairs, explained, that there was no such example of such a wide-ranging effectiveness check of school supplies. The ministry is constantly monitoring this product in the interest of protecting children, who are a particularly targeted consumer group.

Consumer protection tips for reorganization:

- Avoid radars that contain a deactivating agent, which may be absorbed orally or transdermally. They can cause drowning. - It is worth buying in a specialist store and choosing a better quality product, so it is better to buy products that do not contain any healthy ingredients. during this time, by displaying a "warranty voucher", you may report any quality defect to the store at any time.