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Find out your lifeTerezzanyu application

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On April 15, 2011 the Terzanyu Club was founded, which was named after Zsuzsa Rбcz, the author of Terzyzanyu books, with Gedeon Richter Plc.

The primary goal of the Terzanyu Club is to create a strong supportive network of women whose members can count on one another, as women's strangers play a vital role in the successful development of these.
- The Club is open to all women who want to be part of a safe, accepted, dynamic community and are willing to do so themselves.
- The newly announced Terézzanyu application also offers a good opportunity to join.

Last year's great success story of Terisanusz continued to apply this year, this time in two categories!Does a woman have a lifetime of sex?
In general, women want to be perfect in all their roles - social, superfluous, motherly, labor-intensive, while being able to meet both their own and social expectations. But one of us would not have felt that it was not one thing but a life long enough to do, and then we had not even spoken about the realization of our own desires, our dreams. How do you juggle your tasks? How can you do all of this consciously so that you have time for yourself? What kind of strategies do you share with us? How many women are you living, and have you started again over and over?
The story of my first love
The company speaks for itself! We look forward to the story of the former great lovers, and of course we are also eagerly awaiting the fortunes of those who are just beginning their love. As we know, the first one is only once, but his memory is gone throughout our lives, and up to 120 years of age, our eyes will be relieved when we first catch our sweaty hands. But we will never forget the baby how water strikes us when our baby first speaks about a beautiful eye or girl, just as we told the first one. Because with the arrival of first love, new timing begins in parenting relationships, and this is what we are curious about. How do we get a french baby: Yeah, baby, what should I do ?! - And how do teenagers get a reaction from their parents' reaction: what do you think I'm up to now ?! We are expecting even stories and the crowning of first-person family troubles, possibly orchestrated to two parents, from a child-to-child perspective. other pages are awaiting your request, a request may be placed in either category. Applications must be sent by 31 May 2011 at the latest

[email protected]

email cнmre. The celebratory scoreboard will be held at the Terzanyu Club in June. The podium of the two categories will win valuable book vouchers and, as last year, we will be distributing more. The best stories will be read on