Protective lymph nodes

Protective lymph nodes

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"Doctor, look, I got a bunch up my little boy's neck!" "Doctor aunt, feel my baby's nape, do you feel that bulge?" "Yesterday at the bathroom I noticed that the kid had something on his thigh ... What could it be, I'm so afraid!"

How often do I hear this complaint from parents! In childhood, lymph node enlargement is a very common symptom and occurs much more frequently than in adulthood. And - let's face it - these bumps are small most of them do not indicate serious illness. The lymph nodes forms part of the body's defensive system.The lymphocytes that are produced in it are called "Limfocitбk" they are able to recognize intruders, foreign substances dangerous to the body. They then produce antibodies, so they fight them. But for this battle to be truly successful, these cells must proliferate, multiply. The lymph node, when "in action," multiplied its amount of lymphocytes and resting state produces antibodiesand will increase as a result.

Altaic event

The tip Lilla Her mother was surprised to see her two-day-old baby shrug: a huge red bump. I was quick to reassure me that I had nothing but a BCG vaccine response to tuberculosis at the age of four. This is it vaccine reaction Usually it is a normal thing to appear at six weeks of age, with peppers in red, moist lumps. The baby's bulge was much bigger and deeper. And what was even more prominent, beneath the shoulder of BCG, was also the growth of a large lump in his arm - an enlarged lymph node. The baby was fine, well sucked, nicely developed.

Swollen lymph nodes are more common in childhood

The phenomenon, like the BCG vaccine, shows a more abnormal reaction, though not very often, but in a child. The exact reason is usually not easy to find out. The bacterial strains in the vaccine may have properties that can lead to a more intense reaction, but it may also help to prevent the enlarged lymph nodes. It is a natural phenomenon that dermatitis displaces the increased production of lymphocytes, but sometimes the enlarged lymph node itself becomes inflamed and resolves. In this case, the skin above it turns red, becomes shiny, and the lump becomes softer due to the proliferation of pus inside it: this pus has a painful and feverish appearance. I smelled ointment the baby's shoulder. We agreed not to push the lymph nodes, but they watched the upper lymph node skin look red. In fact, a few days later, they returned to the order with a slight reddening of the lymph node over the skin, a softer bump, and a little, restless baby. I referred to the wound where the pelvis was opened, the pus was removed.

That's the baby nose

The three-year-old Tomi in recent months, his nose was almost permanently blocked. His mouth was open day and night, speaking his nose, and snoring so loudly at night that he would have appreciated an old man. Neck, that's it Under the clamps they swelled to a considerable size the lymph nodes and the bars did not bother, they generally did not exchange a favorable appearance because of their open mouth, so they seemed to be puppies. One of the sore throats fell into the other, and he coughed for weeks. Or twice, he had otitis media and his hearing had deteriorated. The nose was huge for the nose. Based on these, there was no doubt: must be expelled the lymphatic system causing all these troubles and troubles. However, the parents of their little boys regretted taking Tommy to a surgery and instead went to a nature cure. Here the child got her medicine, other drugs, and candles in her ears - everything. The situation got worse, the little boy's face almost distorted by the huge lymph node, and he was panting like a steam locomotive. Finally, the parents also realized that the operation could not be postponed any longer. Yes, but a sick, catarrhal child cannot be anesthetized, orthopedic. It was not easy, because the huge nasal tonsil was obstructing the nasopharynx cavity, the elephants could not clear it, and in the stiff necks, the viruses, bacteria, and the they took me to a salt chamber, to a cave, and gave him a vitamin, a colt. It was very difficult to put it into relatively good shape and put it to operation. The operation was completed in a matter of minutes, the baby quickly awakened from anesthesia and felt himself well. Two days later, he could be taken home. From then on, he was less likely to be ill. True, he kept his mouth open for months - in vain, the usual big price.

What's in the training shoes?

Gyхzх he takes off his pants with laziness. The teenage boy grew up on summer, he's upset, he's always been doing sports since high school, he's just running, athletic. One combtцvйben an unpleasant bump grew. He doesn't hurt very much, but he is a little sensitive, and most of all, he really annoys him. Are you sick? I take note, and find that a lymph node has grown in size in the baby's lobe. Tight tactile, movable, did not grow with its surroundings. I examine the boy thoroughly, but you do not see anything abnormal. Then I took off her shoes too. Bingу, I say to myself, I ask the boy out loud because he didn't make me mad lбbgombбja It is. The triumphant confesses that he has already received a mushroom liquid from the sports doctor, but he always forgets to use it. "That's how I like to see what my mother is like now," he adds with a look of annoyance. I am relieved to hear this youthful expression of male charity. Let's discuss what to do. The regular use of the brush, the tablet, is to carefully wipe the toes between the toes to filter the antifungal swab into your shoes. Finally, I promise her that she will not wear closed shoes at least for leisure and switch to sandals as the weather permits.
Three weeks later, the leg was almost completely recovered. And the lymph node disappeared from the bed.


Orsi sixteen years old. These days, my order is rare. I examine: the almonds are huge, the lips are covered with pus, and the lymph nodes in my neck are huge. But, unfortunately, I missed it. Orsi started taking an antibiotic, and his mother was sick in the immediate vicinity, leaving him with the medicine. I'm a jerk, but what can I do. There is no point in stopping the antibiotic treatment right now, but I do have the blood, but I do it. The initial symptoms of this viral disease are generally very similar to the "common" purulent tonsillitis caused by bacteria. But the virus also attacks the liver, causing inflammatory symptoms in the mucous membrane. Therefore, the liver, but also the lungs, often swell and lymph nodes swell throughout the body. The disease lasts for weeks, with severe malaise, a surge of fever, and weakness. The end is always good: the patient is completely healed. But it is antibiotics are really unnecessary, in fact, is more expensive than useful. Also, certain antibiotics, the mononucleus virus, when they react, cause a special symptom: the patient's skin will be full of red cancer. . But of course this is also thought of.This slight case indicates: in the case of lymph node enlargement should not be overlooked thing. Always consult a physician if this is detected in your child. Although there was no serious case in my history, we all know that lymph node enlargement - fortunately much less frequently than we think - can be malignant, lymph nodes. Early diagnosis can be decisive here. Don't waste your time, let your doctor know any swollen lymph nodes!Related articles: