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Code of Conduct for Children?

Code of Conduct for Children?

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On May 21, 2011, the Lifelong Children's Conference will be held in Budapest for the third time, this time with the Code of Conduct.

The purpose of the event is to give parents a guide on how to give the right values ​​to their children. We'll find you among the conference speakers Dr. Vekerdy ​​Tamбst йs F. Vбrkonyi Zsuzsбt too.
"One of the biggest challenges today is to educate our kids on the right price. Parents have to compete with a variety of values ​​that are seen on television, on the Internet, and in the community.
You cannot lose here because the decisions of our children will be guided by values ​​throughout their lives. That is why it is very important that we successfully pass the right order, "he said Orsolya Alkyar child-rearing council, child-money expert, conference organizer.

"Do not steal"

"My baby don't lie because it's not nice!" "My baby is not the right thing to steal, don't steal!" They don't work that way. Dr. Tamás Vekerdy ​​will talk about what age, what values, and how to pass on.

When the apple falls far from the head

How is it possible for a parent and child living in a family to develop a whole range of values ​​that will eventually eliminate the family members from one another? In her presentation, Zsuzsa F.Várkonyi introduces the outstanding role that evaluation plays in ensuring that children are important values.

The right monetary order can make you a millionaire!

Orsolya Alkér talks about the monetary values ​​that are needed today, and about what are the most important monetary values ​​that children should be given. A good monetary order can help a young person to create material independence. Nothing proves this better than the presentation at the conference Fucking Bbtor Ete It is an 18 year old man who has not created the first millionth in just one year. How did it work? What is the secret to creating the first million and what are you planning to do with money? This is where Orsolya Alkier asks the young millionaire on the stage. How does money shape the order of values? Dr. Kovacs Dusбn йs Kovács Cs successful stock market traders. Describe the changes that have made to the monetary values ​​of the thousands of monetary decisions on which they are over. They also talk about what human values ​​are important to being successful in the money world. The conference website is available at the Internet site. About 100 participants attend and follow the conference on the Internet.