I bring it up alone

I bring it up alone

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Peaceful home, family warmth, tranquility, love, security. You can give it to your kids, even if you're left alone. Not easy, but possible.

I bring it up alone

I remember those nights when my parents quarreled me. I know what it means to lie in the darkness behind the closed door, one by one, clutching my favorite handkerchief, fully served. I remember trying to make myself smaller, so that they wouldn't get together and start yelling at me if they came in. Emlйkszem, mikйnt formбlуdtak noise йs the fйnyek fenyegetх rйmekkй this feszьltsйgtхl kцzegben pregnant. Even though I made my cover safe, it did not help me overcome the fear. I wanted to hang out with somebody, hang on to something, but I was alone in the world…
Talбn these йlmйnyek kйsztettek to be the sajбt vбlбsom sorбn all my efforts, my child nхhessen bйkйben up. To be able to keep up the mess. It could be either way.

The hardest moments

The vбlбs vбlsбgos idejйben if you are very upset, bбtran kйrd the nagyszьlхk or barбtnхid segнtsйgйt! After meeting room storms, the granny should lay her baby down, because she will probably fall asleep more easily. If you are anesthetized, try to leave your thoughts out of the nursery. This can be helped by focusing on the anesthetic's music or the rhythm of your own mood during anesthesia. If your child's father is provocatively in the small presence, you might not respond! Make it so big when the little one isn't with you. So you are smarter, even if you are the bruised one! You don't have to hide your sadness or your tears before your child, because that's part of life, but try to avoid theatrical upheavals, big scenesbecause it upsets you.
Don't use a little to get revenge on your father! Attуl to elvбltatok, father of the infant, ugyanъgy remain йs mother, mindkettхtцknek have to learn to respect mбsikban this role. If Dad is untrustworthy, you need to explain to your child that he cannot count. In such a case, it is better to learn it first, however painful it may be. If they talk about it, try to stay focused. Always express yourself in a language appropriate to your child's age.

Father's days

If the ratio of jу exfйrjjel, megbнzhatу, йs biztonsбgban nбla know the child, a deal could korlбtlan lбthatбsban. This can help you to establish a good relationship between you and you and you will have a good time. You may also find it time-consuming, fortnightly, as you can track and predict events much more.
Introduce Father's Days Like a Job! If you are enthusiastic, he will be happy too. Give him the other day that Dad will take him or visit him so he can wake up his heart. And when you get home, don't expect him to immediately change to your rhythm. Give him time! Let him find his place in the apartment, among his own things. If you hang around, put it in your arms, circle it and stroke your head. In this case, there is a disturbance in the soul, and only he can resolve it.
So patient even when you're upset or anxious. It is important that you do so, but do not overload it with extra tasks or programs!

From the difficulty

And when you're out of your life in a difficult time, focus on the dual microcosm!
  • The relatively kцvethetх daily routine, keep the ismerхs йs ismйtlхdх esemйnyekkel can reasonably kicsikйd biztonsбgйrzetйt. Even before you bathe in the bath, the afternoons and the duluths or playgrounds become familiar and enjoyable wherever you know it. Have fun in the evening, or any time of the day.
  • Create rituals for the holidays and everyday life! During the holidays, you can write a letter to Homepage or a Easter bunny or decorate the apartment together! They could make gifts for birthdays together. If you feel that you are a full member, you will be proud.
  • Organize programs with families where dad and mom are! Нgy will lбtni kьlцnbцzх the roles and bбr nyilvбn this is not the pуtolja sajбt mintбkat, mйgiscsak tцbb than nothing.
  • Meet your friends or call your friends! You do the same thing, it goes for him as well. Go rolling around alone to feel you're a small team. Let there be gnarly winks or secrets you can't know about.


If you are at home, try not to drown in the household, but also spend valuable time with it! Draw, play, talk! If necessary, it may also be a flowering program or a tea making.
If you find him guilty, play with stuff! Children often play a role in relieving tension. When you speak, it is easier to relax during the evening baths or before bedtime and tell you what to do with your heart. If you have any questions, always answer honestly! It learns how to trust you. Most things can be explained in his language. If you are raising multiple children alone, make time for each one!
Just because you are two now does not mean that it will remain so forever. But in the meantime, it's important to live a full life of value!