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Danube Certification, Like a StrollerTravel Trail and Common Market on the Danube

Danube Certification, Like a StrollerTravel Trail and Common Market on the Danube

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On Friday, July 1, 2011, the Danube Council was opened on the Budapest section of the river, and organizers invited invitations to attend a special event, filled with works of contemporary artists.

The extraordinary walking route opened on the International Danube Day between Margaret and Petffi - the organizers of the Danube Council have given a number of publications.
From the 13 stations on the route, young, contemporary painters, graphic artists, photographers, street art artists, painters tell works about the Danube region, present and imagined. Walk-in participants can find items on traffic tables at dozens of information points that include archive images, graphics, photos, comics, contemporary documents, news, and stories.
Those who come with a smartphone can also see how it was on the site with an application developed specifically for this project. Anyone who loads the Danube Textbook and reads the two-dimensional QR codes on their boards will receive the five maps in Hungarian and English.
The international boat station on the Belgrade Quay, the STЙG, offers a place for travelers who are tired of the walk. In the sun, anyone can venture into the public space with its huge sun loungers and plants, where you can sunbathe, play, picnic or simply admire the panorama. It is planned that members of the on-site VaLyo group would like to highlight this special event during the summer, with programs, film screenings and concerts.
"The STЙG is an example of what the Danube River in Budapest could look like. There is no noise and dust in this area, but the view and feel of the Danube is beautiful. During opening hours, The point is to get people to take over the river again, "said Miklós Tömmar, project manager for the Danube Council.
The VaLyo group was formed by a few enthusiastic city-lovers and Danube fans from Budapest. The NGO is working on a living room repair and would like to connect the river to downtown Budapest. (The name of the team also refers to it, which is the result of a combination of city and river words.) There have been several events on the beach before that, such as the Night Duck Championship, the Fahalhorse Shakhtu or the Dahalhora.
The Artopolis Association also played an active role in the development of the ceremony, known by the name of the PLACCC Festival. They were formed to show the Hungarian public the place-specific art known abroad and to inspire domestic works. Between September 23 and October 2 this year, the Fifth PLACCC Festival in the capital will take place, where you will be entertained by singers, artists, literary artists, musicians, street art artists, in every way.