Remember: today you are up!

Remember: today you are up!

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Although there is a big controversy over the changeover to the city, this time we are sure to do it: we need to reset the city from 3am to 2pm on Sunday morning.

EU research has found that 80 percent of people find unnecessary (and even damaging) winter-summer timing, and we would change the biannual rate change. The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has just proposed that this should be done, so that only the summer time would remain. However, according to the latest news, a few more years will have to be done, and the Uranians will have to be rescheduled in March 2021 (March and October).We can sleep an hour more on Sunday! If Hungary chooses summer time in the new system (in principle, each member state can decide for itself), then late December and early January will be very late, 8 o'clock in the 30th day, not much the sun would go down like délutбn for 5 hours. If you are using winter timing, you can get ready for sunrises before dawn in the summer - read on HVG.hu. A disturbed biological lore can cause malaise, headaches, deconcentration, irritability, and sleep cycles. Children should be especially attentive. Wood, roughness you can avoid them by avoiding the negative effects of gradually changing your daily rhythm, changing your bedtime, waking up, eating time by about 10 to 15 minutes, possibly as early as a few days.Also worth reading:
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