The grace period is not always 1 year if the baby does not come

The grace period is not always 1 year if the baby does not come

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While there is a lot of information to read and hear about conception and family planning, there is still a lot of annual information about them.

When should I contact a specialist if my baby is not coming?

Dr. Lхrincz Ildikouval, the Nungyin Endocrinology Center at Nungyab Center has helped gather the most important.

After one year of unsuccessful attempts, it is worth consulting a doctor

It is true that it is usually recommended to consult a doctor after one year of unsuccessful attempts, but this it also depends on how old you are. This border is more for twenties, because they have a better chance, and most of the times the test has been positive for more than half a year. However the For those over 40 years old, we recommend that you consult a specialist after a half year of failure, as the odds are drastically reduced at this age.

Locally active spermicidal agents can be safely defended

Those who do not want to choose hormonal supplements for contraception may use vaginal creams / formulations that contain spermicides. However, it is worth noting that they do not provide complete security and are therefore of benefit to those who do not worry if they become pregnant.

I want to get pregnant over 40 years, no need for exams

With over 40 years almost every month counted, it is important for the person to become more aware of family fraud. That's right it is advisable to carry out basic examinations as early as possible (female hormone panel, AMH, thyroid gland, insulin) to find out in advance if something is wrong and to start treatment so that the test can be positive as soon as the ovaries are exhausted, says dr. Ildikou Lхrincz.

Can I not have my own baby when pregnant?

THE meddхsйg is not equal to the fact that the person can already give up on their own children, since the diagnosis "bare" means that a year does not prove to be a pregnancy without a regular sex drive. It can be independent of a woman in spontaneous pregnancy, but may have caused some disease or condition to fail (eg hormone disorder, ovarian tuberculosis, often undergoing treatment for endometriosis, etc.). However, there may be occasions when the couple has to go through a reproductive procedure with the child and, unfortunately, they may only have a child to adopt.

The ovulation is always on the 14th day

If you want a child - or just don't want one - you need to know your cycle, when you have your ovaries. According to the book, this cycle occurs on the 14th day of the cycle, but the body does not generally operate with accuracy, so this can be a couple of days earlier and shorter, just like the same person. If you want to make sure you have your ovaries, they are already in circulation today LH-branded tools, but the most accurate can be said with ultrasound tracking.

Regular menstruation, I'm sure everything is fine with me

Many people think that if they have regular menstruation, they will easily become pregnant. However, this is not always the case, as it can still be a hormonal disorder - indeed, anovulatory, physical, or psychological problems - but even men may have conditions that delay pregnancy. That is why, if you do not become pregnant after a year or so, you should consult a specialist.

Even though I'm not 40, I can't be menopausal

Menopause is the borderline when women cannot get pregnant. This usually occurs over the age of 45, so it may be surprising to see a woman in her early thirties confronting her with the menopause. Unfortunately, early menopause is becoming more common these days, and failure can still help.Also read these articles:
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