Rolling Together - An Unusual Tandem Tour for Visitors

Rolling Together - An Unusual Tandem Tour for Visitors

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August 19-21, 2011 they organize a special bicycle tour for the blind and disabled around Lake Balaton, who, together with their sights, make the 40 km daily ride on tandem bikes.

The event will help people with disabilities Move! Public Benefit Association is organized in cash. Apart from sporting and gaining public chances, the unusual cycling is aimed at raising awareness. Organizers aim to raise awareness of the importance of helping others, and people with disabilities, to perform well, which can be a major challenge for healthy people. The tour will not only be about cycling: there will be some wine gastronomy as well as cultural programs. Participants also have the opportunity to learn about life and the world around them as they spend time together, and to make sense of it.
The tour expects all those interested, even just one section, as the more they are, the better we can raise awareness of the purpose of the event.
The program of the tour:
Day 1, August 19, Friday:
10.00 o'clock: Departure from Balatonvilágos to Balatonlelle by the Mayor's Office (István Csuk Csánk 38th Street)
4 pm: stop at Balatonlell House, meeting with Mayor István Kenezz and Emil Gombos, director of the local House of Culture, memorial service,
Arrival at the Balatonlelle-Rábdpuszta equestrian bar (program: wine tasting, dinner, equestrian show)
Day 2, August 20, Saturday:
10.00 o'clock: Departure from Rabpuszar
12.00 o'clock: Visit of the Tihany County and the Museum (see also our help from our blind comrades)
14.00 o'clock: relaxation, lunch in Balatonfüred in the yacht harbor, in the Sailing Bar
18.45 Joining the wine festival program in Balatonalmáddi, where Mayor János Keszey will welcome the team, planting memorial trees, making a speech on the stage
Optional Dinner, Accommodation: Balatonalmáddi Kristúf Bicycle Motel
Day 3, Sunday 21 August:
10.00 o'clock: Departure from Balatonalmabad to Balatonvilágos
Return home to the valleys of Duluth
The Move! Public Benefit Association In the spring of 2011, a group of friends decided to set up a public utility association to devote some of their free time to helping people in need. Among the foundations are many doctors, hairdressers, environmentalists, dental technicians, herbalists, recreational professionals and firefighters. What binds them together is the will to do and the determination. We believe that aid is always needed and everywhere, only to be taken. First and foremost, we support people with disabilities by organizing programs where they can participate actively and actively with their people with disabilities.
We also give special support to children who are literally hurt. This spring, the Goth Street General School in Budapest was literally hurt and socially deprived children were given a drawing application where all children received a gift. Children's Day and a jolly evening were also organized. Of the total proceeds recently, a playground for the children has been created for the great and great good of the children.
In May 2011, a free oral hygiene advisory was held on a run in Csepel, and children were able to complete a dental tot. Here, too, many suggestions for a host were found.
In July 2011, with the help of the help and mediation of the Csepel and Szigetmiklós Protective Services, the diet and the baby reached the needy.
In August 2011, they attended World Milk Day in Csepel, where they held a baby-mama dental presentation and an oral hygiene counseling session. Toothbrushes, toothbrushes, mouthwash, dental floss were given to pregnant women and children participating in the program.
Amongst their plans for this year is organizing an exhibition of painters with their mouths and feet at the Golden Arts Center in Budapest, as well as the publication of a photo gallery for people with disabilities. Cнme: Move around nature!