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Smooth birth after two cups (VBA2C)

Smooth birth after two cups (VBA2C)

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On September 16, 2011, Lehel Fésыs arrived on a beautiful Friday evening. The VBA2C (2CSUSZ) succeeded so I could experience the natural birth after two cups.

I'm terribly sorry dr. To Attila Ujvárri, who put a lot of value on us, and made security all the way, cool and quiet. Thank you for my dolomite, Werner Kati And of course Jani, my brother, who could laugh at me in the distance, and of course Lehel, who fought with me, and then just sucks, sleeps, smiles, combines them.
The benefits:
2007. Faros Zalán, unsuccessful external translator, programmer at week 40 (Stephen's House).
2009. Janka Faros, birth at week 39, with one sleeping cavern (Stephen's House).
I can't complain, there was no traumatic condition, I woke up lightly and quickly, and my wounds healed. But there was something that failed me in 2010. Finally a positive test, new baby, new hopes for natural birth. The doctor does not shut up, although every visit is close to believing me, this will be cool too. In the spring of 2011, it turns out that the doc sabine will be the term around. What if you were born right then? Calm down, it'll be recorded on your beaker after your vacation. What program buster? Dear little monology, I quote: "You just don't think you want to give birth naturally, Peter Cerny comes in three minutes, anesthesia comes up and pushes me in because a blemish pops out and my stomach is out dead child? I'm not going to jail! " I was ready for the interview, so with a smile I just said no problem, and of course I still want to give birth. My eyes didn't flinch, though I shook a little inside.
We said goodbye to each other, and I went to see a doctor for a fever. Habó név merüllt, dr. Zoltán Kovács (Saint Imre), dr. Judit Boros (St. Stephen), dr. Attila Ujvбri (Saint Stephen). Since I wanted to be born in the Stephen's House (we knew the ship there), I first spoke with Attila Ujvár on the phone. He was very reassured. He didn't laugh, didn't want to scare me, and confirmed what I had suspected was that even after two groomsmen attempted suicide, at most thirty would end up dead. That's exactly what I wanted to hear, and I wanted to get the chance to miss it, because I really felt it would work for me. I didn't look any further. At week 23 we were first and behold, there was a cephalopod in my tummy. Jani made her first visit, asked a few questions for my new doc, and from now on, she helped me with everything. When he went on holiday, he dr. To Judit Boros, who helped me with a similar approach. Five days after the appointment, I met with my doctor again. I also got some good lumbar stimulation from him. At that time, there was just one finger on the mole. We had an appointment with the Chief Medical Officer two days later. A gliding head doctor examined me: there was always one finger in my sleeve. It was very difficult for me to get through one day.
I called everyone and went home to start a baby, Kati came, my feet, nordic walking poles, we walked, it was a lot of livelihood talking, meditating, eating even though I tried the home login, the collisions started in South Duluth.
We started to measure it in the evening, changing between five and ten minutes. In the morning, we started our birth in the moving house. We were lucky enough to have VBAC specialist Rбkuczzi as the one-time babysitter and hired us. The examination did not show a bunch of headaches, and I was scared of what they were going to give her, but she was kind enough to say that this was due to the hospital. I tried to concentrate inside, but for obvious reasons it didn't go easy. We've got twelve ounces in the living room, all the way to the new paint smell. She examined me, but in the morning she was not tired, the same quintessential soft lump. From then on, I had to keep running CTG, but I finally got my own ball. Many times I pissed off peeing, tried to squat in the toilet, peeing.
For the next exam, the good news was that you could go for a frostbite, which I was very afraid of. Three more examinations, another dirt, but the situation is the same. After about five minutes, my doctor arrives, examines, everything is the same, but the baby's head starts to numb. Well, I thought it was over then, we're going to the butt, but you know, Siklu's chief physician lets oxytocin go.
Well, that's where the events unfolded. Babуca responded well, and I was quick, though in the midst of great pain - it made it harder for me to lie down, but I found a good pose on my side. Kati massaged my sacrum between the butterflies, I didn't think it would be good, but when she stopped, I was harshly complaining. Jani held my hand and my upper body. We came to full blast in two-and-a-half quarters of an inch. As it turned out, an hour had been allowed to go out, which I had overwhelmingly overtaken by 9 minutes. When the sound dropped, I had to gasp for a slight push and I felt it helped me figure out what it was going to do. I dictated it from now on, and I told you it was going to work. It was very difficult to ask for multiple times who made a pounding and then grabs the baby, so that with a slight superficial crack, three and a half times hard, or girl).
Everyone was very relieved and I could catch a bird with me. Scar-touching and hacking couldn't take my mind off anything.
Although Jani's third baby was born, it wasn't all she had to do right now, waiting for the baby to be delivered in twenty minutes. He worked hard for the third round, he first took the field cord, and I honestly think he was very proud of us!
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