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This is Maternity Nine Months Issue!

This is Maternity Nine Months Issue!

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Baby, are you planning a baby? Want to get the most out of your queries in a beautiful magazine? We have made this New Year for you!

Once upon a time, a king thought to himself ... That the king would only be full of life when the throne arrived. Fortunately, the King also made the same journey, and together they embarked on this adventurous, exciting journey that ended in rocking the wick with one hand. It's just a fairy tale. It may not be your story, because we are so much our story. There are times when the prince is wrong, there are times when it is not enough nine months for the baby to arrive, and there are also times when you need to defeat magicians, baby. In the special issue of Pregnant 9 Months we thought of everyone. For those who are especially careful about conception and who have fertility problems. For those who have a hard time disassociating with their old habits, and for those who want a new lifestyle in the baby-baby era. For those who do not get pregnant almost all the time, and for those who are struggling, they are looking for help, help. Those who are confident and want to do "even better". And those who are uncertain, but at least want to finish their quest for good.We searched for the best experts, the most exciting programs, the newest services, the most delicious food recipes, the cutest clothes and the most useful tips. Receive it with love, keep it on your bedside table, carry it in your bag, or have it on your living room table. You read it with your dad, and if you have a big head, show it to your friends. We want you to fulfill your dreams. Like in the story…
Judit Szхdy psychologist, editor of my edition…
And the team of Pregnant Magazine