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We are great at, we are ...

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In January 2011, the Maternity team took over. With a lot of work, a lot of dedication and enthusiasm, the life of the portal was revived.

Believe it or not, we worked day and night. In addition to these daily new articles, the Portal's new services have come to nothing, with incredible back-office work.

They could get to know the babies

Let's look at the birth finder, for example! We had to gather data from nearly a hundred hospitals, put them in tables, interviewed, photographed, noticed, watched, admired each one. We'll do all this for you in the baby room. The result is Szv Sylvester it culminated in a choice.

You are with us

We were barely amazed at the launch of the Baby Room's Disability Program, with articles, to-do lists, three diets, newsletters, topics, and serious cheer to find out whether they were fit for purpose, needed. We cheered and received more and more reassuring letters: yes, it works very well! (Just starting our program again in January!)

A movement was formed on our article

Mindekцzben - йppen a kуrhбzlбtogatбsunk "mellйktermйkekйnt" - kiderьlt that szekszбrdi szьlйszeten babбkat those who have not brought home йdesanyjuk the szьlйszet munkatбrsai hordozуkendхben hordjбk .. Lelkesedйsьnk бtragadt many gyakorlу hordozу anyбra, нgy nйhбny day belьl formed a group kцzцssйgi side nйhбny about a thousand members have joined in a week, and so many handbags have been collected that the country will receive every single birth. The donation of cloths is ongoing, you can follow the events here.

We gave you a wonderful book

After a moment of relaxation, Renata W. Ungvárry was able to edit her successful recipes and tips, and this autumn, a wonderful book was published after the rebirth.

Constant help in trouble

And in the background, we were constantly helping those who went to council. W. Ungvбry Renбta breastfeeding tips, Judit Szхdy but he supported our readers in his educational council.