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Safe Christmas

Safe Christmas

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On the most intimate holiday of the year, the family prepares for dinner, the gift. We need to make sure our children can enjoy Christmas moments safely.

During the Christmas period, every toddler is at home, be it baby, toddler, kindergarten or school. Even in emergency rotation, the smallest ones are the ones most at risk, but the big ones are not overlooked.

The Christmas tree

Christmas tree will be the center of the holiday and thus the center of the home. Its beautiful décor, glittering decorations and lighted lights attract the little one. Nowadays, many people are using plastic made of plastic. When buying non-natural wood, pay attention to whether the product is flammable or non-flammable. This does not mean that it cannot ignite unintentionally, but that it is easily extinguished and does not spread rapidly.
Let's keep it fresh. If you are rooting for pots, you are very likely to be alive and fresh, if you are cut wood, then look carefully at the seller. Dry trees are more easily ignited.

Because of the fire risk of wood, it is better to do something farther from hot things than a radiator or a fireplace. It is advisable to place a finished living tree in a container that can be filled with water, so that you can try to clear the branches and, depending on the type of tree, still feel the pine scent. If you have a toddler family member, you might want to choose a smaller tree and place it at a height where movement is difficult to coordinate, and certainly will not attract you.

The dynamics

It is worth using decorations and decorations made of non-hazardous material to lighten the tree and our home. We try to put fragile charms on the top of the tree where they are not accessible to the eager children. With the advent of Christmas, there is a proliferation of lightsaber, and in many places you can get cheap, but more unreliable, electricity-based decor. For the safety of our family, we buy from specialist shops where we can make sure that our prospective jewelry meets the safety requirements. If you would like to use it outside your home, you may want to buy a specially trained, outdoor use decoration for the exterior of the house and possibly for the garden. If you are not staying at home or going to sleep, turn off the power, disconnect all lighted objects, lights and lamps.

The fireplace

The fire in the fireplace gives you warmth and invites you to smile. If we have a fireplace in our home, we can make it child-resistant by wrapping it in what is called a fireplace, which keeps the family from the smallest fires and the hot surface. Be careful not to throw the wrapping paper in the fireplace, as they will quickly catch fire and get old shredding.

The Aids

Discovering and unpacking surprises are the most exciting moments of Christmas. Unfortunately, presents under the tree can hide dangerous things for the smallest. Let's try to pack and place surprises for our children as they age. Most of our games show you what age groups we recommend.
After a larger family gathering, it is worth taking a few minutes to clean the floor as soon as possible, avoiding getting into the hands of the little ones and letting go of your mouth. Alcoholic beverages should also be placed on the outside of the reach of minors.
During the busy Christmas season in the kitchen, we pay special attention to the kitchen, so that the little ones do not get close to hot meals and dishes.
With a little care, you can turn a whole family into a relaxed and happy Christmas.
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