Who decides what the name of the child should be?

Who decides what the name of the child should be?

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One of the readers of the Ursula blog asked an interesting question: who decides what the name of the baby to be born should be. How much love this family has, and what to do with the mother if they simply ignore her pet.

"I'm 7 months pregnant with my first child, I'm going on the seventh month. I'm 25 years old, and years ago I had a dream of calling my little son Samu, I'm in love with this one, but my cheat is up to you. and Stephen (my brother too) and we could not imagine another name for their first grandchild, "says eagle readers of the Ursula blog.Deciding the name of a child is always a serious question; some people choose their favorites several years before conception, and only a good name comes to mind in the living room. There's actually also a chance to wait a bit for the name ...
But what if we simply cannot agree, we parents? Or if mothers want to get involved in the decision everywhere?
"His mother never stopped directing, and I think my mom likes me too, but ... There's always a but. She doesn't talk to me openly, just occasionally sneaky, always just a little crooked, but always make me feel uncomfortable So far I've been able to handle this, there have been minor conflicts, but there has never been a direct clash, my brother didn't have to decide between the two of us. The granddaughter was really great, the joy was when the test came along. their first sentence was that Pisti is finally moving into the family, "Бgota says.
What can be done in such a case? How did you decide on the little name?