Birthday of March!

Birthday of March!

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It was first held in 2003, and last year it seemed like 2011 would be the last. Now, we've been able to close a bunch of successful national programs, thanks to the organizers, who can bring a new spin on this important initiative.

Let's just get off and on! Former babies born at the time of the transition are slowly becoming parents themselves. In the years when so many things began to change, to become democratized, when it was possible to question things, to publish reviews, something began to change in the births, at least here in Hungary. Previously, I was working on a baby as a baby, so when I was expecting my first child in 1989, I knew exactly what I really wanted to do as I did at that time: not a minute. These were very steep desires at the time, and maybe there were three births in the whole country where my father was allowed in, and rooming-in was not much more common, even once every two months. We were lucky we had one of these birthdays, St. Margaret's Church just over a dozen minutes away. It was a new course for babies, the baby gymnastics, and we were happy to have a father in the midst of childbirth… It didn't turn out to be anything. The groomsmen had nothing to do with the many jews we chose to give birth to, instead I got what I wanted to avoid so much: sickness in the hospital, sickness in my mind, my decision over my head, back. And just as it happened in the second, in 1992, for some women, and almost the same for János in 1997, where there was some violence and a little lie, it meant that my husband could just star there after a while I was able to enter the baby room. In 2006, in Stephen, we were just there to keep my son in the pay room, but he could stay with us in the hospital for the rest of us, and Ilonka was one of the best baby buddies in the country right from the very first minute.
Clients and "patients"
idхben passed the fourth szьlйsem mбsodik йs kцzt the Maternity magazine ъjsбgнrуjakйnt йs szerkesztхjekйnt turned the orszбg szбmtalan szьlйszetйn, йs more hatбrozottabban ъgy йreztem to bбr political rendszervбltбs completed, the egйszsйgьgyben megбllni lбtszik the idх, kьlцnцsen when the szьlйszetet kцzelebbrхl vesszьk szemьgyre. Although childbirth is not a disease, most women are not sick in the vast majority of cases, and their newborn and her mother form an indivisible whole, somehow they do not really care about Hungarian births. Yet, more and more moms, dads, families felt the need to give birth to uniqueness, uniqueness, unrepeatability, the mother's right, and the whole process should be taken into account . There was a growing number of mothers who wanted to actively participate in the birth of their child and to avoid unnecessary or unwanted interventions. Who would have thought, for example, that the free choice of a parenting position was such a challenge for parents? I often see pregnant women with "alternative" desires as a miracle beast. But it was not possible to pretend that time was running out. Slowly but surely, the rigid structure of the birthing rock began to change, but even today, after the desirable ideal condition, we are far from being begun for over two decades. If you don't understand exactly what you are up to, read my colleague Judit Szхdy.

This is yours too!
The Birth Week was held in 2003 for the sake of the public's attention to birth, birth, and human medical practitioners based on evidence rather than customary law). The initiator's national size grew to include communities of communities, midwives, civic associations, and professional workshops - to organize local needs instead of big central events. Year after year, new programs have been trying to get more people interested, to move this important thing off the agenda. The topic has also been expanded: on expectation, the months, years, the birth of the baby, the birth of the family, and the process of its formation are also included in the proposal. That is, all the programs, opportunities that help us become the best parents in our own way, and in our own way, and to be as fortunate as we can be.

The Birthday Week team in Gyor
Photo: Petra of Fyss-Tolmbacs

This year, for example, I went to Gyötmr, where Petra Fésыs-Tolmcsi and H. Molnbr Anikou, the organizers of the event invited me to discuss sleep care for their little ones and their parents. In a well-chosen place, many inquiries have been awaited, where this owl has convincingly proved: Yes, there is value in coming to the Birth Week, in particular, in local communities. Because it gives us the opportunity to get information about the questions that matter to us - because we can make an informed decision. If we get to know each other and listen to each other, we can work on important goals together.
Do you like these goals? Would you like to work on enlightenment? You will also find on how to apply for an organizer so that your settlements and communities can participate in the Birth Week.