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Father of the Vaccine Gets Away From Maritime Business

Father of the Vaccine Gets Away From Maritime Business

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Twenty years ago, a study was published which suggested that there was a relationship between curveball, inflammatory disease and autism. It proved unsuccessful that in a small sample, the control group had no examination, the theory kept up.

Father of the Vaccine Gets Away From Maritime BusinessThe consequence of this is that the diseases that they thought we had overcome (see bending) were re-emerged. The author of the study, Andrew Wakefield but he lives like a fish in the water - an index published in The British Lancet Medical Journal in 1998, which changed a lot of things: a medical researcher named Andrew Wakefield, who specializes in Crohn's disease examination of the chronic inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. Even before Study 98, he published a study by Wakefield in which he argued that there might be a correlation between cornering and Crohn's disease. He failed to prove this: he failed to reproduce his beliefs in others, so the hypothesis was rejected in professional circles. This study was followed by Vaccination-weakened bending virus enters the body, which causes inflammation of the intestinal system, from which white blood flow to the brain that causes it and autism. At many points the study was blatant to me its condition and mild condition (it is still not fully understood how it appeared in the Lancet). A total of 12 children were killed, which is a fairly small sample, except for that there was no control group at all no. Wakefield tried to prove that vaccination, Crohn's disease, and autism were correlated by not generally examining children who had not been vaccinated (if the vaccine was correct, and autism) .And it turned out that Wakefield did not allow and completely underestimated children, for example. cricketing or lumbar puncture. It was also light that a year before his study was published, he had filed for a new patent for bending. And in a later study, he calls for the introduction of such a new curve. Nor does it seem any less interesting that he received £ 400,000 from a law school group to research his work, specifically from a law school specializing in miscarriages. yes that one Brian Deer A British investigative novelist compared the hospital charts of the children enrolled in the study with the Wakefield study and found that the data simply did not work. Examination results, parents' reports, and children's health records were simply falsified to support the Wakefield hypothesis. The study was withdrawn by Lancet, Wakefield's permission, was excluded from the medical chamber, I was discharged from my teaching status. But the story doesn't end there. Wakefield not only denied everything, but invented increasingly coarse-grained theories in which drug manufacturers, governments, researchers, health insurers all work on these secrets. Wakefiled claims to be a marshal, as do those who insist on vaccination. In the midst of vaccination, it is intertwined with other theories of cavernousness, such as chemtrail, herbal, flat earth, and chips obtained by vaccination. Illnesses have reappeared that we thought had overcome them, such as. the bend that put the head up again because the parents do not vaccinate their children, ie because of the low vaccination rate. Wakefield the scientist who unveiled the great collapse. Two years ago, he also directed a movie about himself, with his own protagonist.Related articles in the field of vaccination:
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