What can you expect if you are about to give birth?

What can you expect if you are about to give birth?

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The health law includes the rights of parents who are called sick, but only entitled to "health care".

So here are some of these:
- There is a right to health care: the parent is free to choose a doctor or a health care provider if there is no need for immediate intervention. Further, in the case of a diagnosis made by your treating physician, you may want to start having another doctor examine it.
- There is a right to human dignity: the maternal human dignity must be respected and can only be recreated for a blameless cause.

- The right to keep in touch: the parent has the right to be with her or her adult child during childbirth and birth, and after the birth to complete the birth of the child locate. The parent woman is entitled to the use of her own clothes and personal belongings, i.e. she does not have to add to the hospital's kink. In addition, the minor has the right to have his / her parent, her / her spouse, that is, if the mother is not, but she can stay with the baby for another day and night.
- The patient has the right to leave the medical system if it does not jeopardize his or her physical examination and health
. - Right to Information: The parent has the right to receive full, detailed information about the state of health, the proposed examinations, the results, the intervention, the benefits, the principles.
- There is a right to self-determination: the parent is free to decide whether to seek health care and which interventions she agrees to or refuses. Exception: Failure to intervene will seriously compromise your health or body health, including those who are 24 weeks old.
- There is a right to medical confidentiality: the parent has the right to keep and disclose health and personal information only to the person entitled to it and to keep it confidential.
Expert: Stefánia Kapronczay Lawyer, Patient Rights Program Manager, HCLU
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