The Nobel Prize Winner Sperm Bank is over

The Nobel Prize Winner Sperm Bank is over

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In 1979, Robert Klark Graham launched the Artificial Fertilization Clinic, where he sought to create the geniuses of the future by using the semen of Nobel Prize winners. The clinic is over.

The Nobel Prize Winner Sperm Bank is overThe eugenics of the human body цrцklхdх йs intellectual tulajdonsбgainak javнtбsa йrdekйben vйgzett beavatkozбsokat цrvendett proclaims the 20.szбzad elejйn йs large nйpszerыsйgnek, but also led to Hitler цsszekapcsolуdott бrja-fajйpнtх tцrekvйseihez йs ъgy бltalбban racial megkьlцnbцztetйs igazolбsбval, нgy nйpszerыsйge megszыnt. Despite this Robert Klark Graham In 1979 he started an artificial fertilization clinic where he wanted to create the geniuses of the future by using the semen of Nobel Prize winners - Posted by Index Today I learned something from his blog. The experiment came to a standstill and two of the three Nobel laureates were excluded from the project. The third one finally revealed the sign: He was William Shockley, the renowned American physicist. Before the clinic was launched, he wrote the book The Future of Man, which criticized the American social disorder for more children, not less intelligent people. He expected great success from his theory, but he received a negative echo. Nor did it help that Shockley was a racist and an elitist that he often voiced. He argued that blacks are significantly less intelligent than whites, and anyone with low IQs must be made unproductive.
In no case has any record been given to the prospective mother with a Nobel Prize winner. The clinic has been operating for twenty years, but the over 220 children who were born from the results of fertilization have not become geniuses. While there are some who have been studying math at university for 14 years and have been a great athlete besides, most of them are a little bit average, and a little bit average. бt. One year later, he died and two male relatives decided to close the sperm bank. In contrast, at Graham's clinic, women had detailed access to donor data and patient-centered access. And to this day, fertility clinics are following this: clients can get the best combination based on their medical history and physical abilities.
  • They can enable three-way fertilization
  • The baby can also be chosen by prospective parents
  • So much for artificial fertilization