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Stop back by criticizing your parenting style

Stop back by criticizing your parenting style

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One of the hardest things about letting go, whether you ask or not, is everyone's opinion that you are raising your child and what you should do, which is naturally shared with you.

Come back if you criticize your parenting style this will start at a tiny little month, starting with tips to Are you sure you're not hungry? Don't you want to feed him?, Don't put on that much, it will never be so hot!, or You know, if you don't teach her now, you'll never know. Luckily, as a child grows, over time, there is less and less unfocused counseling, but sometimes they are always found. you shouldn't make you pick up the water and get involved in a heated debate with someone who criticizes you. Instead, end one of the following answers to shorten this thread.

Smile and bуlogass

Give a gentle smile to someone who is over your parenting style, and then lighten up, and stop dying for a second, as if you were trying to memorize the life of a council. And afterwards, just feel the peace of the winners!

Do you want to recommend them for a day?

A humorous but imaginative replica works well in such a situation: after all, who else would know that it is worth raising a child, if not someone who is 0-24 in oversight? Thread closed.

Change purchase

Even though weather is a much better topic than starting to explain to your mother's faith, why haven't you used to having your baby at parties.

Hы, I didn't think so!

Or maybe: Oh, well, I've finally got some light, and it's all thanks to you! If you say all this in an ironic tone, you may find that your advice is not on the ears.

Play the Uh, all kids are different kбrtyбdat

Uh, it's awesome that little Danika ate all of the green on her palm when you arranged them in a boho carc, but unfortunately my kid smacked her in the room when she said, the paprika. But then all the kids work differently, don't they?

The pediatrician advised us to do so

This is a great answer, as you are a specialist in lending your own parenting method. Is it true that you make his suggestion, right?

Tйnyleg? And telling about your wonderful children?

If not so sharply, but it is worth raising the criticism of your own that his or her parenting methods may be questionable to others. So, maybe you stop giving way to your parenting style.


This is similar to the smile and boogie tactics, but you express the same thing verbally. Leave your mouth saying "How interesting is it?", But you add in yourself that "but I don't care." You can also use this trick to shorten an unencumbered conversation. (VIA) Related posts: