No matter what you eat!

No matter what you eat!

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Breastfeeding is optimal for the baby in all respects, so breastfeeding should be done as much as possible. During this time, the mother, among many other things, must also make sure that she is developing the right lifestyle and diet.

No matter what you eat!

This will ensure the proper composition and quantity of breast milk and ensure that your body does not suffer from any disorder. This is equivalent to producing an average of 850 ml of breast milk per day surplus liquids And 20 to 25 percent more energy, or about 500 kcal extra input is required. The most important ingredients of breast milk (white, milk sugar, fat, calcium) have a lesser effect on the mother's diet, but if the mother is deficient in nutrition, she will lose these nutrients Vitamin A, B2, B12 and C, biotin and folic acid also have an effect on the nutritional value of the mother's diet. He also recommended consuming more than white, which initially meant 20 grams and then 15 grams a day. Lack of vitamins and minerals also significantly increases the need (40-50 percent). These include vitamins A, D, B2, B6, C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, jute and zinc.

Weekly sample schedule for the spring-spring period

ONE DAYmilk, turkey bread, margarine, graham bread, radishnatural yoghurt, cereal (cereal
flakes, dried fruits, oilseeds)
soup, wheatgrass tomato, apple
steaks, eggsomlett, graham bread
2 DAYSmilk, cottage cheese, margarine, bakony brown bread, cucumber banбnturmixwholemeal soup, turmeric-lemon whitetail, yellow ricespring baked, bakony brown bread, fibrous fruitbroiled broccoli, apple
3 DAYSoatmeal in milk with raisins, diulvalgyьmцlcs-
yogurt, croissant
soup, cheese-ham macaroni, orange
t trуs tбska, milkszezбmos-
chicken breast with basil, baked potatoes, apple salad
4 DAYSlace tea, butter cream, poultry paris, bakony brown bread, sauerkrautsweet lollipop, milkegg soup, layered green beans, applemargarine, bakonyi brown bread, milkmushroom and mushroom sandwich, kefir vitamin salad, fibrous fruit juice
5 DAYSmilk tea, dill turmeric, graham breadbanбnlentil soup, roasted sausage, steaks, rye bread, applekefir, cheese cakemilk, margarine, chicken ham, graham bread, grated marshmallow
6 DAYScocoa, margarine, raisin kugloufointment, rye bread, cucumberfruit soup, marinated chicken legs, potato wedges, lettucecube cheese, croissant, applecorn cobs, milk
7 DAYSfruit tea, cheeseburger, rye bread, cucumbernatural yoghurt, homemade muesli mixershъsgombуc-
soup, golden dumplings, vanilla
seasoned with seasoned wheat wheatchicken, pumpkin, rye bread, apple
The diet is basically a balanced, regular diet, based on the recommendations of healthy eating, 4-5 times a day It should be varied and balanced as far as possible. The increased need for energy (and the main nutrients mentioned above), yoghurt, yogurt, egg, live color (red, yellow, green) , sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds) .In order to cover the greater liquid supply, mainly milk, milk drinks, milk fruit smoothie, high fruit juice, fruit juices, water. Preparing meals a from a selection of raw materials lehetхleg kнmйletesen, also nцvйnyi zsiradйk hozzбadбsбval tцrtйnjйk (eg .: gхzben fхzйs, pбrolбs-sьtйs speciбlis bevonatъ stainless edйnyben, teflonedйnyben, alufуliбban, grillzacskуban, grillsьtхben, mikrohullбmъ sьtхben) .The йtelek нzesнtйsйhez tovбbbra prуbбljon the korбbban hasznбlni megszokottnбl konyhasуt less. Ajбnlatos the zцldsйgfйlйk, gyьmцlcsцk нzesнtх hatбsбval or kьlцnbцzх enyhйbb zцld йs szбraz fыszernцvйnyek gave lehetхsйgekkel йlni which szйles kцrыen йs vбltozatosan felhasznбlhatуk (petrezselyemzцld, zellerzцld dill citromfы, borsikafы basil kakukkfы, coriander, бnizs, rosemary, tбrkony, szerecsendiу It is advisable to skip meals or change the diet if the baby does not taste the breast milk after eating. Due to the release of herbs' substances into breast milk, it is primarily the high-flavored, high content of essential oils, such as garlic, cinnamon, pepper, hot pepper, sage and peppermint.