Fun in the Rain - Fall 2018 Baby Clothing TrendBaby Room Trend Watchers

Fun in the Rain - Fall 2018 Baby Clothing TrendBaby Room Trend Watchers

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Even though it rains a lot in the fall, there is no need to always move the child to gray-black (also). Let the colors and the fun patterns come to life! We look at what trendy, fall baby, toddler stuff you can get right now.

Grab some sunshine for the week!

The best color we can use against skin-sad, damp days is lemon. The therapeutic effect is guaranteed! The first number of Skip Hop beehive umbrellas - have you ever seen something sweeter? Right. Not to mention that the small pencil section at the beginning protects the child from going into the first tree with enthusiastic umbrella. You don't even need a mom to open it, as its push-button is absolutely kid-friendly, as is its handle designed for small hands. Adds a perfect fit with the yellow rubber boots, the cool modern fluffy sapphire and the 100% waterproof, decoy-free raincoat.

1. Mustard Deer - one-sided cap
2. Rubber boots
3. Skip Hop Umbrella - T-shirt
4. Sunflower raincoat

Hell, sea!

Toddlers find it hard to hunt really cool rubber boots, but this version of the green bear meets all expectations (and looks pretty good). It has a thick sole and a polyester-cotton mix so the baby's feet won't freeze at dawn. The elephant canopy absorbs the candy and is completely unisex. The sleek sea cap never goes out of fashion - so even the smallest can be dressed fashionably. The warm and waterproof raincoat is a standard item in any mum's wardrobe. However, an environmentally friendly fluorocarbon with an elastic, adjustable plastic buckle shoulder pad is not coated for water permeability, which is definitely an added bonus.

1. Sea-striped, double-sided
2. Sample rubber boots
3. Rex London Elvis The Elephant Umbrella
4. Black Striped Newborn Hat
5. Cantabrian Eshnadrb

Like power

who, like us, does not like the nylon rain that can be applied to a whole car, which it takes up to three quarters of an inch, and feels like a little more than a badly ventilated glass. Then the multifunctional, stylish Laura's Room Day and Rainy Days will be a big favorite! They also swim in a diaper and protect against UV rays and water drops. Warmer days for toddlers Even for toddlers, it's a good idea to get a pair of warm boots, for which the zippered version of Funkidz's lacy side is the most comfortable and practical solution. And if we haven't found the perfect bib overalls, let's hit this 100% cotton bunny Pinocchio Colette piece right away while you're still in it!1 Colorful soft boots with soft sole
2. Duns Sweden Duns Sweden BonnetBonnet (MOOSE) cap
3-4.Caravan Sunshade / Rainbow - Mint Bear
5. Pinocchio Baby Clothing - Colette Overall Gray 56Which one came in best with your partner?