Super trendy luxury stroller for cute guys

Super trendy luxury stroller for cute guys

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Dad, here's the key! Where are these Designer Wonders from Sixties Rocket strollers ???? But the design was not regretted!

A stunning design that fits in the dressing room. The hand that catches the guys when they look at the car, or maybe they choose it, probably catches up with the women when it comes to choosing the stroller. For them, the horsepower and the alloy wheel, we are the fur coat and the cup holder ... Porsche car designer David Dawod's latest baby carriage, Porsche Design P'4911, is now targeting the guys. The streamlined, streamlined shape, simple elegance, excellent materials, easy handling and, of course, fits perfectly into a Porsche boot.
There aren't any pictures on the manufacturer's side of how to get it down to the metric, but maybe this is not neglected by the purpose. Forrбs: www.trendhunter.com