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Learn to loosen it! - Loose tales, simple magic tools

Learn to loosen it! - Loose tales, simple magic tools

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When I go through the city in the sun, I have to shut my eyes regularly, I feel the noise so strong, a lot of irritation. At home I don't expect anything but a little silence.

Learn to loosen it! - Loose tales, simple magic toolsMy little girl looks at the end of the couch, and I wonder if this is so much for me, what can she feel? Morning rush to the institutions, wise, and a shorter school. Even if this is not the case, there are plenty of stimuli that have never existed before even ten years ago. Increasingly, smartness has begun to dominate the household, tablet, smartphone can handle even the smallest.Most often, the expectations are thrown at you, even in the midst of your child. Of course it is it is important to separate the useful and unnecessary stimulibecause of course there is a need for stimuli to develop, but it doesn't matter how much stimulation we allow our little ones to live in - especially in the areas that we can regulate. for the moment, it seems to be a better direction to try to incorporate techniques into our children and our own lives that can help calm and soothe us.

Simple exercises, real life magic

Kuti Judit Yoga instructor mainly deals with young children, but also holds a lawyer's degree. According to their philosophy, if we teach children to relax and unwind as much as possible, we will put a magic force on the hands that the younger ones can safely touch. In our rush and in our stimulating world, there is a growing need for relaxation - begins Judit. It is a great benefit in life if a person (and a child) is able to remain calm because there is a "magic wand" in his womb that you can take at this time. The big thing here is not to think about: since a smooth stomach breath can be a help to the urge in a tense situation. "It's kind of harder in high school because it's a total disinclination to move. But you can also take a cramped exercise so much that it takes a couple of minutes to calm down and relax." , of course, it depends a lot on age. From toddler to school age, these skills are constantly changing. "Relaxing with the help of the mother can be possible at fetal age. the sound of silence. Mini yoga for 2-3 year olds is 25-30 minutes. For ovis and school age, we consider 45-minute sessions. "- Judit tells the story of the city." For beginners and inexperienced yogis, however, I would recommend that you go to a professionally trained yoga class. It is important for the experts to help you properly practice the exercises and to be wise about the child and ourselves ", suggests Judith

A simple, relaxing exercise at home

Before the relaxation there should be some fun big activity, like a tooth. Once you feel comfortable, place the child comfortably on your back. The feet should be in a very slight swell, with the feet naturally turned slightly outwards. The arms are lightly flattened next to the body, with the forearm palm up. If you are already comfortable and relaxed, the child should start watching for his / her own mood, then lose it. Three times, you may admit to yourself that "I am comfortable, well, I am resting." We can play it during relaxation as well: the baby can "lift" the light plush toys on his tummy. After a couple of playful, slow-breathing, relaxing effects of the abdominal exercise will take effect in March.Always gradually, calmly return to these games. There are children who are still agile at night: for them, a similar relaxation, combined with a fairy tale or anesthetic, is a great help in healthy sleep.

Effects of Relaxation:

  • relax and thereby regenerate the muscles
  • on the physical-mental tension tube
  • endorphin production increases
  • strengthens the immune system
  • smooth muscles relax
  • the circulation improves
  • spiritual balance is established
  • the rhythm is smooth and calm
Acquiring relaxation is also very important for aggression and temper, as it can create a state of mind suitable for temper. In its absence, there is only inertia, a state of being stuck, from which, by proper techniques, aggression is the only possible field. For children who have been practicing relaxation techniques at a very young age, all of these behaviors are affected.

Calm stories

THE tъlingereltsйg most of the night it culminates in a small dullut, often small and can begin the endless struggle with falling asleep. The parent feels naughty, the child tired. If you go to an institution already, it seems like a hopeless network. In the evening, we would like to put them to sleep early in the evening, so that they can get up early in the morning. Persistent insomnia, on the other hand, has a bad effect on the immune system, so it is not surprising that viruses and bacteria come together in the fall. The story is rarely thought of as a relaxation tool. Rather, we talk about the important psychological role and linguistic aspects of children's development. But fairy tales also have a very important role to play in soothing and calming the souls of children.Both Gabi According to stories and story editors, relaxation was also found in olden times, but it was not really called but babysitting, which is fortunately still a natural way of calming babies.

In Hungary, Emdy Bagdy is keen to introduce schools as an important part of the National Curriculum for Relaxation as a tool for health. Several studies have confirmed that negative stress effects, which we do not have the tools to handle, maintain high levels of nervous and physical tension. There are many relaxation techniques, but it is scientifically proven that they are all capable of tuning the nervous system.

"For a while, these topics are increasingly appearing in storybooks, for which I don't know the exact reason," the expert begins. parents find themselves so naughty. "Tale is a magic spell, a verbal potion" Bajzáth María mesepedagog says. "The point of the story is that parents and the child get connected for as long as the fairy tale goes on, it has a calming effect on the children themselves, "the expert adds. and fine scrubbing has a calming effect.

Guided relaxation in the story

This year was considered one of the success books Hang out, the story of the little bunny, who can't sleep. The story Carl-Johann Forsen Ehlrin He who is renowned in Sweden as a linguist, behavioral researcher, and psychologist. "Sleep well, Bendegz! but it is time consuming. Anyone who thinks she can fall asleep in three minutes from this book will be disappointed, because this technique has its time. " , a story teller who, at the same time, is the mother of three children, closing the topic with a very important thought: "In my experience, your baby will fall asleep peacefully if you are completely calm. When I myself "relaxed" next to him, and I took this relaxing time as a resting opportunity and then fell asleep in no time. And if I gasped in annoyance at why I don't sleep when I have a thousand things to do, and I always feel tired of tiredness, it always ends up tiring. " , the soothing, relaxing effect of music is already well-known, but you can try yoga, or a little bit more, like autogenous triage. we can give our little ones hands by leading them at a very young age, teaching them how to bring their bodies to rest, which you can subscribe to online look for newborns!Related articles in this story:
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