Makoui Dr. Dusassilgyi Sammuel Kurzhzz Ordering

Makoui Dr. Dusassilgyi Sammuel Kurzhzz Ordering

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100 years old, the classic hospital is the Maku, which is intended to carry out the additional sixteen attached churches in addition to the city, to carry out the functions of childbirth and crafts.

I guess I'm entering the most beautiful, state-of-the-art, recently refreshed hair because I think such a company has really fallen to birth. They kindly finish it off and put you in another, much more purely, yet immaculately clean and seemingly quiet place. From the Head of Department, dr. Fark Ivbntul I know that, if you visit them for the coming year, you would probably have a whole other picture, because the idea is up for renovation, which is definitely overdue for modernization. Paid VIP rooms are also planned and will be better separated from the ward and maternity ward, and will not lead you through the corridor to the baby room.
"I can't imagine that there is a deceptive, stillbirth class like ours," says dr. Ivan Farkas, the head of the department, and looks at him, very proud of his colleagues. - Breastfeeding and babies are known to give birth to everyone, and it is also natural that they do not move away from a pregnant mother, as is the case with a baby being welcomed.
There is no need to worry about relatives in the corridor because of a glass window, because they can perform the operation of the glass and the baby is provided in the immediate vicinity of the window.
Any time you have analgesia, it can also occur with the help of inhaled nitric oxide, epidural anesthesia, or psychotherapy with specialized expertise.
- Fathers can choose between a two-bed, 24-room room-in and one traditional baby-bed room - says Turbn Andrbsn Ildikou leading the way.
If all is well, the mother can go home after four days.
- Our aim is for moms to breastfeed their babies confidently, and not to panic if they are no longer away from the baby.
Facts and figures:
Number of births: 3-400 a year, last year, probably due to will decrease: 279.
The proportion of cuttings is 22-23 percent.
A single bedroom has a balustrade, a ball for paternal birth; and a three-bedroom living room.
You can have a cold show inside, you can follow the events through a glass wall with a glass section.
There is a choice of parenting.
Analgesia: with epidural and psychotherapeutic methods.
Mothers can choose from a bunk, 24-room room-in and a traditional bunk room for children. Parenting classes start regularly, there is room for visiting the room.
Babies arriving prematurely before 37 weeks are transported to Szeged, Gyula or Kecskemét.
On the fourth day, they let their pregnant babies home.
A must-have, shave-free, bareback first-time birth
(This article highlights March 2011 status.)