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That's why oxytocin is so important!

That's why oxytocin is so important!

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There are hardly any women who are born in the hospital and do not receive accelerated oxytocin. What is this compound and why is it so important for the parent?

Oxytocin plays an important role in parenting

One of the most important compounds in childbirth is oxytocin. We can say, however, that it is practically routinely administered during childbirth, speed up the birth process, trigger the "good" ferns. There are no accurate statistics in the country that babies give a high percentage of oxytocin infections, but empirically we know that it is very high. Oxytocin is a hormone and it affects a great deal, across the board. It exerts its effects on the body, in the brain, as well: mental and emotional effects of softness and milk intake there are also a in social relationships its role is also significant. Oxytocin reduces anxiety, anxiety, analgesia, confidence-building, and promotes social cooperation and hilarious relationships. And not only in the mother, but also in the newborn. Simply put mothers who have high levels of cerebral oxytocin are more likely to voicemail for the newborn, have strong hesitations, and have anxious feelings about the newborn in their care.Newborns know that maternal (skin) contact and maternal fragrance are determined by conception. Probably, oxytocin is also "responsible" for the mother and for the sense of calm and affection to appear in the newborn to her mother. Oxytocin eases cows both in the mother's newborn and vice versa, and the baby has a tendency for mothers to contract. The benefits of oxytocin on its own are best birth is unarmed, is happening in its own natural nature. The chemical processes that trigger the operation of this finely tuned system are triggered when there is no external interference, no stressful parenting, peace of mind and support. The immediate effect of accelerated childbirth is that both the mother and the baby are deprived of the feelings and concussions they have received due to the effects of their own hormones. it affects the body, the muscles, not the senses, not the tightness. In fact, it inhibits its own oxytocin action. Naturally, it also has an effect on birth: it prevents the release of endorphin, it does not cure its own analgesic effect on oxytocin. It is also very important , provide emotional support to the mother. At the immediate postpartum birth, these mechanisms are so important to trigger: this is the immediate base that conclusionwhich greatly influences the subsequent maternal care.For those interested in the topic, you can see here Katalin Varga Phd. lecturing on oxytocin, the quality of childbirth.
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