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True miracle: Mother gives life to baby after 13 miscarriages

True miracle: Mother gives life to baby after 13 miscarriages

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After 10 years and 13 miscarriages, Laura Worsley had believed that her dream of being a mother would never materialize. However, thanks to an innovative team of doctors and a new treatment, her 14th pregnancy was successful and her baby, Ivy, was born.

The mother had 13 screenings before Ivy was born (Photo:

I have tried all the available treatments

"It was as if all my Christmas had gone at once," SWNS reminds the British woman. But the mother-in-law had a number of hardships for Laura. The 35-year-old woman has lost every conceived baby, and her multiple pregnancies did not last for a few weeks. - I just wanted to have a baby. I felt like if my child was not born, my life didn't make sense, ”Laura Worsley said. His first abortion was in 2008, followed by 3 others in the next 2 years. Laura, and her husband, Dave, now 48, started to look at what was behind this, and first got the answer that a large dose of folic acid could help, but it didn't. "We did all the tests there, took part in experiments, and tested a number of drugs so that something could help," the couple said. Then came a new treatment that gave them a new hope. Thanks to Coventry and the University of Warwickshire Innovative Medical Team, the couple has been a part of the World Leadership Survey, led by Professor Siobhan Quenby. Laura found antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) - a disease dysfunction of the immune system, which affects the blood clotting process - it may have caused repeated miscarriages. However, there was a setback in the treatment: Laura was between 17 and 20 weeks pregnant when she had given birth to a twin couple. - When we lost the boys, I don't know that we went on. Dave was trying to stay strong because of me, but he also suffered a lot, the mother said. However, this debate provided valuable information to physicians that finally made the switch. It turned out that Laura was suffering from a disease called CHIV (chronic histiocytic interventositis) that caused some parts of the cot to die and her body to reject pregnancy.

Steroid treatment assisted

The professionals later Steroids have been recommended for women and also for having a pregnancy of 14. Although Professor Quenby acknowledged that the treatment was not risk-free, both Laura and him decided to buy a prudent one, despite the possible side effects. "At first, I wasn't sure I'd be able to try it once, but Professor Quenby said it helped many women with this treatment." With my forefather, we decided that if there is a hairy hope, then we have to try. But I was sure I was going to try it for the last time - the mother recalled. Laura had recently taken steroids to strengthen the structure of her wall and finally, in March 2018, her baby was conceived naturally. The parents of the 14th pregnant woman did not dare to speak to anyone, even superstition. Finally, at 30 weeks of gestation, the baby started to give birth, and after an emergency cesarean delivery, Ivy, weighing just 771 grams, was born. The baby spent 11 weeks in the hospital, and she was so strong that her parents could take her home.Ivy (Fotу: My mother told me the story, so she can help others: - I hope I can give power to all those who are in similar shoes to know that they can continue to do things. Even months after she was born, Laura barely wants to believe that this miracle has happened to her. And he thinks of his little child as a real warrior who faces obstacles and never retards. (VIA) Related links:
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