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The Enchanted Island is more than a spell

The Enchanted Island is more than a spell

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The Enchanted Island is more than a spell

The Enchanted Island, brought to life by the walls of Vajdahunyad's Castle, was planned for the family list when Faceboook was loud enough to be heard. We also embarked on a weird adventure on one of the ovis, sulis birthday days.

Of course, I'm not going to spoiler the game, and movies are a nasty affair, like a heady adventure. Interactive exhibitions and games have found a home in Vajdahunyad Castle, but only because all the deceivers are happy to visit Várrosliget. Good air, a good environment, lots of green and water, cooked corn, cotton candy (sometimes inside), and plenty of room for a never-kid-friendly kid. And the story of the Bloody Castle fairy tale is a child's play.

The spell quickly sucked

The games could not just fall in love with the red carpet, and the whole thing started with a searchable mystery. The decryption had to be dealt with by the entrance bribes, so we got admission. Music, mystical - but not scary - voices, a special folklore welcomed the decoy. I admit, it took us a few minutes to figure out what to do with the playbook in our hand - where to look for tasks, where to put the answers. Enchanted Island - The Journey Starts We set off for the magic master's exams and finally become a magician. To be honest, I would have been more serious - I enjoyed the story, but the headwinds were just extra. We were conscious. The kids were challenged by the challenge. They came in, got the message, and responded to the queries more and more quickly. We wandered among the huge quartiles, and we searched extensively for the numbers to appear on the showcase side, the next task. Request reading, brainstorming, listening, discussing, sometimes scrolling and searching for help, then selecting magic stickers, sticking. And that's how it went on a 16-interesting trip. Enchanted Island - Most queries have properly left the lesson

It's hard to breathe

- I liked the smell. When it came to figuring out what David, my six-year-old son, smelled like, when I inquired, what he thought was the best in the adventure. "For me, the instrumental at the beginning," says my daughter Dorka, who is slowly 8 years old and has just begun music, so it's not surprising that she first remembered this task. - Mom, that was a lot better than Easter bunny games. (My choreography for Easter: Poetry Quizzes guide kids to their bunny-hidden gifts. Pray.) What's true is true. The Enchanted Island would be really hard to remember. It is well thought out, well, everything down to the last millimeter is elaborated, the concept is thorough, it is thorough. Enchanted Island - 16 tasks I told you what I liked: it was much more adventurous. From step by step to step by step, children have not realized that they have learned a lot of interesting things about animals in the playbook. The illusion, the mystique, the whimsical sound, the strange sounds, the exotic, the thrilling story, the magic. Let's face it, it is more interesting to know the Earth's special life book than to just put a lexicon in our life with the child. And not only does it give you more exciting, probably more permanent knowledge. Because it connects to a special, non-routine experience that was full of adventure and adventure.
Enchanted Island - INFУK

The exhibition will only be open until May 13th.

Open during the long weekend:

April 28 (Saturday) OPEN 10-17 hrs
April 29th (Sun) OPEN 10-17 pm
April 30. (hétfх) OPEN 10-17 уrбig

On April 30th, only the Enchanted Island exhibit and games are open on Mondays, the museum's permanent and seasonal exhibitions are closed!

May 1st (Tuesday) OPEN 10-17 URBIG

More information on FB.

Enchanted island: the atmosphere is unique