Why do everyone care about baby hair?

Why do everyone care about baby hair?

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… Healthy, baby, and big hair! Newborn parents report most of the newborn information to their acquaintances in this order.

Who knows why, after the length and weight of the baby, hair really seems to be the most important question: how big and what color? Rarely come with new hair and long hair, the newborn, but even the bald head is still covered with some fluff. Interesting factors determine whether you have light hair or a cool crown of hair.
If both are born with a tar head, they are not expected to be born to their own children. This is also typical of most newborns. Perhaps it is a great sensation when you have a baby in the first few days of the day.

Mulandу praise

The treasure trove from the beginning, the first hair disappears after a few weeks in a row. Luckily, if the post is continuous, your hair won't end up so much. In the first year, hair follicles are still malfunctioning, so the baby may remain hairless for months. This is not significantly influenced by her small gender. It is not true that boys' hair is louder, thicker. shave the little baldto strengthen its wing. Of course, freshly grown needles are very tactile, but only because of their shortness. Over time, every hair bulb has a "real" hair on it, and we look forward to it. In the meantime, caress the silky curls with love!

Pry, rub it

Baby hair does not require any special care, but scalp should be thoroughly rubbed with a soft brush every day. It stimulates the blood circulation, has a good effect on the functioning of the hair follicles and prevents the formation of space. If the layer of grayscale has already appeared on the scalp, remove it immediately.
Before bathing, lubricate the scalp with oily cotton wool, place a thin cap on the scalp, and leave it on for a while. In hot water, rub the head with a scrub brush and carefully scrape off the loose layer with a thin brush. Do not force it, only after several times will we be able to free the whole head from the unpleasant cosmos.

Hairstyle or hair rubber

In the first year, you may have such a long hair that it sticks together, forehead, neck, and sweat. You can have fun with your baby in the bath tub. Let's play it a little and give it some play. Wet your hair with your wet fingers, set the hair up. We pinch a piece of criss-cross between our fingers and cut the section above it. That's how we get around the whole head.

We can make a cute "tree" for little kids

Everywhere we get even short hairstyles - ideal for little boys. It is worth tying your little one's hair into several tiny strands, using a working buckle and a colored rubber band on the head. So the unruly hair does not bother you, and you can wait until it grows so much (child and hair) that you can do some hairstyle for her.

Let me be surprised

The excited-moving little kid let's not bother with it. If it is absolutely necessary, please adjust your hair a little. We put on a big textile diaper under our head and wait until you go deep. Use a sharp tooth to lift the hair where it needs to be combed. We cut the section above the flesh and discard the fallen pieces on a sheet. Let's go through the hairstyle completely, gently flip the little head over, if necessary, and then carefully remove the hairy textile diaper from underneath.
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