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Father says: things you could have done before you were a kid

Father says: things you could have done before you were a kid

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… But not yet. It is not just the life of the mother that changes when the baby is born. We may not be so different.

Paternity also comes with some resignation

What is missing from the fathers? "Cigar and the Crash." 2. "When I missed out a lot recently, and I didn't feel guilty at all. I don't even think about it, I love my kids and also when I walk around the apartment on my back. But that's what contradictory duality the father and the hedonist are among me. "3." That I survived more than 10 in the evening. Seriously, because of the early wake-up call, it's a bit unimaginable. "4." That I could X-Box until 5 in the morning. "5." .6 "That we can't just hang out with the prayer. So I feel like we're getting day by day. I miss my wife's loose, partisan and loving love. "7." That I can't travel all over again in the world with a single backpack. "8." I can't play more with my band. It really misses me. "9." That I could work more and enjoy sports. "10." That we could make love anywhere, anytime. "11.Related articles on fatherhood:
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