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3 + 1 Ways to Know About Skin Care About Baby Clothes

3 + 1 Ways to Know About Skin Care About Baby Clothes

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Many moles circulate about pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it is no wonder that the human body is a little insecure: now what is free and what is not? What is true and what is not? That's what we're doing to help you get organized!

Tévhit # 1 - Use Only Natural Originating Leather Poles!

Natural is not synonymous with good, as synthetic is not bad. They both find skin-friendly ingredients and some that don't do well. Pйldбul natural fragrances and essential oils are as easily allergic to the skin as synthetic ones, and for the purpose of staying in the natural formulas, they often make alcohol, which is both long-lasting and irritating. Instead of being natural, the main consideration is what really good for the skin. For example, this is a great help for Crimea, which helps them navigate through the ingredients and has recently collected the most popular KM baby mama products.

Tévhit # 2 - Stop Anti-Aging!

If you have consciously nurtured your skin before, you can do everything as before - with a few exceptions. Good news that most of the anti-aging active ingredients are maternity-friendly: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, peptides or antioxidants. It is also not true that there should be an accidental cessation of ghosting; both 10-12% AHAs and weak PHAs and 2% BHAs can be safely used. A bit contradictory in data and opinion, but if you want to go to 1000%, you better fight nagyбgyъ retinoids and retinol during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also worth avoiding a larger amount of the ingredient used to smudge the pigment spots, arbutin. Take care of your skin while pregnant!

Tvvit # 3 - Get the message!

Believe that the book is not good for good. It's not like: 80% of the circular signs of skin aging (wrinkles, pigment spots) are responsible for the harmful UV raysthat's why book protection is a must-have thing. Any type of broad spectrum weak carrier formula is super, preferably SPF30 or SPF50.If you feel more sensitive at the time of titanium dioxide and / or zinc oxide.

Fat +1 - Pregnancy can be eliminated

Unfortunately, there are no ingredients that can be proven. The propensity to do so is harsh, some have a problem, and not at all. You must know that massaging the tummy during pregnancy with a cool hydrate or a fragrance-free vegetable oilIf you have an end to your breastfeeding time, it may be worthwhile to use a retinol formula as this may help to smooth your skin. Similarly, an AHA can be a cool idea! You may also be interested in:
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