Exercise during pregnancy: don't worry!

Exercise during pregnancy: don't worry!

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Weight gain during pregnancy is completely normal, but it can surprise many with how much they can gain in a short period of time - and the "nice" comments from friends can make you feel even worse. But this is not to be overlooked.

How much you gain during pregnancy depends on a number of things, not only how you eat and how much you exercise, but also, for example, your starting position. Naturally, a thinner baby will naturally have a greater weight gain, while a fuller type needs to pay more attention to living. And twin pregnancy should be counted as a greater weight gain. It is also important to pay attention when your mother is pregnant and how smooth the body is. In the first trimester, we can usually only count for 2-3 plus kilos (and even a pregnant mother may lose weight, for example, because she is constantly suffering from nausea), and every second or third . But let's see why it is not worth worrying too much about the sprats picked up during pregnancy!It changed a lot about how much a baby is pregnant during pregnancy

Fetal weight is important for the fetus.

Not giving enough to your mother increases your risk of preterm birth or excessively low birth weight, which can lead to a variety of problems with your baby, for example, baby's dyskinesia or indigestion.

Hormones are also responsible.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are also responsible for the desire and for the body's tendency to "store". These repositories will be used later by the body to feed the newborn.

Fuller breasts.

Not only will the number of rabbits become more, the breast will grow larger during pregnancy - some will need more bra! That way, even those who have small breasts can enjoy the beautiful decolletage during the months of excitement.

The extra weight does not remain dull.

It can help us accept our changed body better if we are aware that these changes are not permanent, that is, after birth, the restoration of the hormonal balance to our former body is also (at least more).

Surprisingly, we can get rid of a bad light spot.

The moment we give birth to our baby, we get rid of about 5 pounds: the birth weight, the weight of the baby, and the water in the fetus. And after just a few weeks, when our hormones are rebuilt, the extra kilos associated with fluid retention may disappear. It can also be reassuring that many expectant mothers are getting rid of excess during breastfeeding - this is a hard job for the body!Also worth reading:
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